Last, Lots

So, wow, okay, a LOT has gone on, as it always does! Since I wrote ya last.

The last day of our lease, very LAST DAY OF OUR LEASE, I say last!! Someone emailed DD1, that their friend’s landlord/lady had a place. Yay!! Still 2/2 Yay! Still $800!! More than yay!! A MIRACLE!! God is good!

We ran over here just as fast as legally allowed! Miss Geeta was sitting outside. DD1 got out, and talked to her. We all 3 filled out apps. No fee! Almost a miracle in itself!! (Remember, or did I tell ya we paid almost $500 in app fees, between the 3 of us, Dec. thru March??)

DD1 asked for a cold water, so DH and I ran to Wal-Mart. Well, he ran, I rode piggy back.

You so silly!!

I know I’m a goofball!!

We got 4 cold waters, and a $800 m.o. DH asked “Why, when we haven’t been accepted yet??” Cuz money talks my friend!

Money, money, money!! You know what I’m talkin’ ’bout!

We gave Miss Geeta, and DD1 their waters, then handed Miss Geeta the m.o. She said, “Here you go, Miss Melinda, you sign the lease.” SQUEEEE!! She knew who’s who! lol

Her main concern, after the money, OF course!, seemed to be quiet neighbors, who won’t bother others, and only have people live here who are actually supposed to be here. We can SO do that! Apparently the last guy was renting to 4 other guys in here???

Miss Geeta said her husband would be by next Tuesday, to change out the air unit, and would pick up the first & last, $1600 then. Can you imagine?? No one else in the tri-county area would do that! I love that Miss Geeta and her husband are old-fashioned, “your word, and your handshake are as good as a bond”, people!! That may or may not be an accurate quote of what I’m thinking about, but ya know what I mean! And yes, they picked up the money, but no, a/c didn’t get changed. Care we?? Not! This one is still working!

Yes, we started moving in 2 seconds later!! After our victory daancce!! And a grateful prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord God Almighty above!!

Oh, a bit of bad news, I almost forgot, O. ghosted DD1. Not gonna explain all, but I thought I had gotten to know her pretty well, and I couldn’t believe it. Neither could DD1. Remember, I said O. would have to go back to her Mom’s?

So, new place, no old memories!

Also, MY place! MY rules!! Last apt. was DD1’s, cuz I moved in with her. Miss Geeta recognized the matriarch, (And purse string holder)!! Probably because it takes one to know one! haha

Yours truly! Guess what room she’s in??

And that’s all the time I have for story time tonight kids. Awwww (The bad aww, not the good one.)

Pouty McPouterson

C’mon back tomorrow!

Same Slob Time! Same Slob Channel!

Dear Declutterer

Today, my dear Sissy, Michelle, came over to help me declutter. She’s the best!! Since you know our lease is up on the 31st, and today is the 24th, I’ve been slightly stressing!!

If ya wanna call staying up half the night crying, and a lot of hand wringing, “Slightly Stressing”, sure!

Anyway, last night I had Sweet Friend take down all the boxes, from the huge stack in the living room, and spread them out, in a single layer. That way we could reach them!! Seeing as how neither one of us are weightlifters!

DD1 gave her the parameters of what could go, and what could stay.

Man, Sissy turned into Turbo Declutterer! By the time she left, she had 5 boxes of donates!! In only about 2 hours!! Her church is having a yard sale next month. So glad I could contribute to a good cause, instead of just throwing it all away.

And MOST of all, that it went OUT of the house today!!

Anybody else have that downfall, ya do all the hard work of deciding what to get rid of, but it doesn’t leave, so eventually, it gets reabsorbed into the regular stuff??? Oh, not me! Don’t lie!!! Yeah, that’s been DD1 and me. Since we can’t lift anything, it just sits, and sits.

Cuz our men in our lives, don’t wanna be bothered with actually having to donate the stuff. So… But today- haha!! WE out smarted them!! Good thing Sissy is a lot stronger than us!

So this is a thankful, love letter to Sissy. I’m SO grateful!!

And I LOVE you!!

Gonna stop now, ‘fore your head gets too big to fit thru the door!! lol

DD1, Dana, Dark

Ok, so Mar. 11, I was back here at DD1’s. And the hateful Dark One tried to give me a heart attack that night.

That Sat. afternoon, the mail held a nasty surprise; a letter telling DD1 that her lease is terminated as of March 31. It’s month to month, so no eviction, thank God!!

But, it’s because when I tried to rent an apt. back in Jan, I put I was living in DD1’s apartment. Which I didn’t realize was such a big deal, until they let me know.


We can NOT find a place under 1100, for 2 bedrooms. Since that is more than I make, that will be a. ..

ERK – loud buzzer sound.

The only possibility is to go stay at a monthly motel. Not happy about that. But, I can pay it on my salary, all utilities are included, and a microwave, and mini fridge. 2 double beds, so the girls will have a place to sleep, when they visit.

The only problem is, O. will have to stay at her Mom’s.

One happy note is; the apartments that we lived in 8 years, are back to being income based. YAY!! I had a 4/2 for $500. WHAT??? WHY did I ever leave??? Cuz I have zero good decision making skills.


That’s where I found Nony’s “A Slob Comes Clean.” After binge-reading her blog, I started my own, and seriously started decluttering.

So, if you can’t get enough of my goofiness, go check out my old self!!


Well, here it is March 11, and guess what?? I’m already back at DD1’s place.

Say it ain’t so!! You know it is!!

The week after I moved into my new place, my Counselor/ social worker told me I ABSOLUTELY could NOT live there!! I was upset, but truth be told, I knew it already. I knew as soon as I handed over the money, and signed the lease that it was a mistake.

The 3 steep stairs made it very hard to enter, or exit.

Wooden, like mine, 1 railing like mine.

I couldn’t even leave, unless I had DH to hold onto. The very next day, after she told me to move out, I tripped, and almost fell down the stairs. Ya know that stumble, run/walk ya do, when you’re trying to stay upright??

Yeah… So I told Miss Evie I had to move out. She was very surprised! But understood.

I was all out by Sunday night, Feb. 27. The new renter moved in the very next day.

So, here I am again, in the living room. But very grateful to have a warm, dry , most of all, SAFE place to live!!

And I do enjoy the great convos with DD!, and her partner, O. Bonus: O. cooks!! And cleans!! I think I’ve died and gone to heaven!

Of course, the DARK ONE, all black cat, had to jump on me twice last night. ARGH!!! I HATE you!!! And of course, my blood curdling screams wake up DD1!! I just hope Satan’s Spawn, um I mean, the DARK ONE, doesn’t jump on me while my babies are here!!

Ariel’s twin. Satan’s Spawn AKA The DARK ONE

I think she’s plotting my death!! If her sharp claws don’t get me, her sneak attacks, in my sleep, might give me “The big one, Elizabeth.” Anybody recognize the Sanford and Son reference?? Maybe there’s somebody your age that reads this!

Purple Plethora

I’m so excited to show you all the new purple stuff I bought for my new place!!

New stuff for the bathroom!! But that’s not all. I just don’t have it all yet.

Bathroom set



These are not brand new. Care I?? Nope!! My girlfriend, Michele G. texted me this from a garage sale. PLEASE!! Get them for me!! Only $15!! Yeehaw!!


More than just the 1! lol

Ice machine!!

Curtains-ish! Window coverings, anyway!!

Something had to cover me up! lol I’ll just leave you to figure what room this is.

Living room

Thank you Sweet Friend! See, not everything is purple!! Only as much as Melindaly possible!! As opposed to humanly possible?? Yeah

Kitchen towels!!

Other towels!

Shower curtain

Bathroom rug.

Sick of purple yet?? ME?? Ya askin me?? Not me!!!

Me neither!!

Storage Stashing

Well, probably should say un-stashing!

What a mess!! Need to get rid of my part!! Either trash it, donate it, or use it in my new/old- old is not strong enough- Ancient works better!! place.

If I can’t, or don’t want to use it now, then it’s got to go!! I’m 60, almost 61 now. If now ain’t the time, is there ever gonna be one??

Look at me go!!

115 items gone!! Poof!!

Still only about a million to go!!

Welcome Wagon

Welcome back to me! Just got house internet restored!! Today is Friday. Feb 11, at 2:37 am. After almost 2 months away! I’ve been craving it so bad!! I could do a few things on my phone, but couldn’t write!! I missed y’all!!

Last post was Jan. 9, so not really 2 months. Oh, alright!! It felt like it, anyways!

So yeah, 2 Wed. ago, DH called the FV mhp. Guess what, I didn’t get the little trailer. Shock-shock!! NOT!! The lady sounded surprised, “What? They haven’t contacted you yet? They sent a letter!” Nope!! Received it 2 days later, so that means, it wasn’t sent until I called.

So mad!!

And, the apartment ALSO turned me down! What?? Because I was a lease breaker. DD1 hadn’t put me on her lease.

So, after all that crushing disappointment, I went back to Craigslist. A tiny 200 sq. ft. studio?? Hmm, the toilet is exposed. Wow. But only $500 a month!! WOW!!

But of course, when I called, it was already gone.

But!! She said she had a 3/1 coming up in a few days. How much?? $700 a month!! What time does your office close?? 5?? I’ll be there!!

DH said, “But we’re 30 minutes away!! And it’s 4:30!! We won’t make it!!”

Just jump in, and DRIVE!!

We make it with 7 minutes to spare!!

We looked, looked good. Gave her grandson our paperwork, so she could start working on it, till we got back.

(I had made the mistake of thinking it wasn’t far. By the time we got half-way thru the field, I was gasping for breath. AND grasping for DH’s arm!!)

So, I collapsed on the stairs, while DH looked. Finally made it in, then’s when I gave Anthony the papers.

By the time, DH went and got the truck and brought us back, she was knee deep in our credit reports. We were shocked to hear we’d had an eviction in 2004!! Never remembered hearing about it. Huh. Nothing else bad. She let that one go since it was so long ago.


She said, it’s yours, if you want it. IF?? YES!! We whipped out those money orders so fast, the wind blew all our hair back!!

So, moved in Mon. only 5 days ago.

First 2 nights were freezing cold!! I had neglected to check if the A/C units had heat! My bad!

Thankfully, I had the old quilt I’d made for Capt. Kim, more than 10 years ago. It was an old comforter, inside flannel sheets. Without, I’d a died!!

me- if frozen!!

I complained loudly!! So, Sweet Friend, brought me a ceramic heater. I was terrified of space heaters! But after research, I found out ceramic heaters are safe, even in trailers.

So, warm again!!

Now that internet is restored, all happy again!! Almost. 1 more little trifle. More on that later, tho.

Moving Maybe?

As I sit here writing, DH is behind me packing up my room. I’ve helped a little, putting all the stuff off my computer desk, in a tub.

Then I even swept under the desk! Throwing away all the trash.

Woo hoo! I helped!

I don’t even know where I’m going yet, but DD1’s girlfriend is arriving tomorrow. So, when we leave in the morning, everything of mine has to be on the truck, or already in storage.

So not waiting any longer on FV, application graveyard.

Not again!!

Apps all filled out, Dh has to be on with me for the income requirement. I don’t make 2.5x rent. Thank you, DH!!

Also, he gave me $250 twards the deposit. He doesn’t want to see me homeless. AAwww

Last time I turned in our app to live in one of their units, the lady was shocked that I had everything in order, all filled out, money orders, everything.

She said, “You have everything!! I said, “Yes, ma’am, I can read.”

Apparently a big number of their wanna be residents can’t! That’s sad! The app even highlights everything in yellow, or green. YOU MUST HAVE this, this, etc.

So, I’m making DH spend the night with me, so I can assure that we’ll be at the office at 7:59!! If he wasn’t with me, I couldn’t guarantee arrival time! Which is crucial! I intend to be first in line, with everything in order.

Bob said, “I hope you get it, I need a renter!” Me too, Bob!! I need a rental!

There was a lady hovering outside in the parking lot. 2 min too late! A day late, and a dollar short! Not to be mean…. But I know how to git ‘er dun!!

Hat tip to Cable Guy.

All I want is a nap, but my bed is full of stuff I have to pack. Drat it!!

See y’all later. When I have that key in my hot little (not so little) hand, I’m gonna hoop and holler so loud, I know y’all’ll will hear me! And I’ll even do a victory dance!! In the scooter. I turn around in circles!! lol

Later gators!

Bye Felicia!

Nope! Nope!

Friday, 1/7/2022

Tired of waiting on the lady at the MHP. I turned in my app, with all documentation, and app fee, Wed. was a week ago, Dec 29th. On Thur, Jan 6, I called to check on the progress of my app. It was STILL sitting on her desk!! 8 days of NO activity!!


I need a place to live- not a place for my application to live!!

So, DH and I drove by 3 different apartments, by the same management company that handles DD1’s apartment.

The first 2 couldn’t be seen, until after 5 pm. The 3rd, was available to be seen at 3:30. Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!!

It’s a nice 1/1, brick duplex, with a large laundry room. Yay for in house laundry! God knows I’m bad enough at laundry anyways, without having to tote!!

The bathroom is rather small, but big enough! I really like the step in shower!!

So, Bob initialed the apps, handed them over, and away we went.

6 hours later, I have them almost all filled out. I have the money order for the $100 app fees. And a $400 money order, for part of the deposit. Only $800 money order to go. DH was so tired, after driving all over the huge county, that he couldn’t stop to let me use my card to get more m.o.

But trust, I will have ALL the funds, and ALL documentation ready to go, and we will be at the office by 7:59 am Monday morning! This firm wants their units rented, and they don’t play! And I am intent to make sure we don’t get the prize stolen from us!!

Oh, oh! Best part?? $75 cheaper per month, and bigger!! Woo hoo!! Having faith I’ll have the key by Tuesday!!

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