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Mental Matters

Ok, so I’m in a nice big wheelchair, wearing that too little pull up that’s squeezing me terribly. I did call DD1, and H brought me pullups, the next day. Yes, the H I threatened to kill. Thank God he was willing to help me.

I met my roommate, P. Poor thing, this was her first time, and she was terrified to death. Her DIL called the police, during a phone call. P had no idea what she said, to trigger it. She was so afraid she’d be raped, beaten, tied up, not fed. She had no idea what was going on.

And of course, no one tells you anything either.

So, I calmly talked to her, as she huddled in the corner, with her arms wrapped herself. No body is going to assault you in anyway. This is my fifth time, so I can assure you, you are safe. You won’t get any help at all. No counseling of any kind, just coloring, and playing stupid music games, that is passed off as “music therapy.”

Thankfully, she was able to relax then.

The beds are wood platforms. The “mattresses” are foam mats, like for Kg naps, about 4 inches thick. The bathroom “Door” was a wider foam mat, held up by magnets.

Are ya kiddin me here?? This was entirely new to me. The other places had open bathrooms, in each room, no doors.

So, at least here, you can have half privacy. But it was short enough for the techs to look over. Thankfully, no male techs ever came in our room.

Poor P would have died of a heart attack! I was so glad they only kept her 2 days. She did NOT belong there!! I hope her DIL gets in trouble from her husband.

The shower was open, so you could roll a wheelchair in. But the floor is slicky tile, and slanted twards the drain in the floor. Would I venture to take a shower there?? NOPE!! No thank you. I just washed up in the sink, not IN the sink! Using the sink.

So, to move myself around, I had to tippy toe. Once, going to the dining hall, a sweet boy, prob age 20!, pushed me.

After that first night dinner, we never went to the dining hall again. Something about only 1 cook, or whatever. Exactly what did that have to do with going to the dining room?? They still had to cook the food, still had to be served to us. Only now it’s in to go foam containers, instead of foam plates. Ok, whatever.

So, there’s about 20 people, and we had 3 tables, that sat 4 people each. Even I can do that math. 12 people got to sit at the tables, so about 8 or so people left, had to balance their food, and drink on their laps, in the TV room. So well thought out!! So nice to have people treated like an after thought. Some people , the ones in w/c, put their food on a chair. How appetizing to have your food sitting where lots of butts were. GAG!

Dumb builders, administrators, whoever, made 10-15 rooms holding 2 people each. But only 3 tables for us to eat on. For the whole 7 days I was there. Well, technically 8, but the first night doesn’t count, since we actually went to the dining room.

It makes me so angry, the way mental illness, and mentally ill patients are treated. Like second class or less citizens. And trust me, even tho we are mentally ill, we can feel that, and see it clearly.

Some of the techs were great!! Gia and Lee were so warm and caring. Gia is the one who went to get the diapers. And the “vampire”, self proclaimed! Phlebotomist, was the sweetest thing~~ he was 6’8″, so you know I asked for a hug immediately upon meeting him! lol He got in trouble for that. Sorry, K!! So, I could only shake hands with him, or stand 3 feet away from him. I wanted to marry him! Whoops, did you forget you’re already married?? Well, remember I had plans to be unmarried??

Anyway, I knew he was gay, so I had no chance….

waaaaahhh But hey, maybe he could be my hugging only boyfriend?? I don’t want sex anymore, due to several problems, which I won’t go into. Thank God!! You have diarrhea of the mouth so bad!! I was afraid you’d go and let all that out!! That’d be TMI!! Well, I said I won’t. K???

Alright, moving on…

I met so many sweet people. Sharon, Miss Elise, Amber, and Joshua. And 1 more person that I’ll talk about later, cuz she’s really special, and deserves her own post…..

To be continued….. not gonna say tomorrow, this time, since it’s been almost a week since I last posted….. I really want to blog every day, but my get-up-and-go has gone up and went….


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I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

7 thoughts on “Mental Matters

  1. I am sorry, I must have missed the news when you went there, my favorite purple person. Some shortcomings notwithstanding, as long as they are treating you well – that’s what counts, right? Be well, my darling! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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