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Sweet & Sour

Before I could write that last post, Mental, Sweet Friend came over to hook up my printer, and make my computer work.

I swear it and all electronics, or just plain electrical things have a personal vendetta against me!! I can’t get the computer to boot up, he comes and touches, it works instantly. I get so mad!! So anyway, that’s one reason why my posts are not reliably on schedule. Plus, my mental state, and my physical junk. I was asking SF to transfer all my stuff onto the extra hard drive he installed. He said, “I already told you how to do it, I’m not gonna do it.”

That’s when I started crying. I can’t. My mind feels like gloppy oatmeal. Plus my fibro fog, and my constant pain… I can’t remember stuff!! I feel like I’m 92 yo, and all I can remember how to do is type, since I learned when I was a little girl. Melody, of Smallthingsbeautiful blog, sent me instructions how to add a search bar. I’ve tried several times, but I just can’t get it to work. It’s so discouraging..

So, do y’all know of a clinic or something that can cure my electricity problem?? I need help!

Published by purpleslob

I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

6 thoughts on “Sweet & Sour

  1. I am so sorry, my dear purple person, but I am also technologically challenge. On Sunday, I hit a glitch, yelled HELP, my 12-year-old grandson ran over and fixed it in a second – I am not kidding! If I didn’t have kids and grandkids who manage technology for me, I wouldn’t be running this blog. Well, I wouldn’t be able to work either, which is more serious. I hope you find help that would treat you like that treat me, “computer for dummies.”

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    1. I know, right?? When DD1 was 6 yo, she taught me how to print, just because she’d watched her Daddy!! lol Well, he’s called Sweet Friend for a reason, because of all the things he does for me. But, sometimes there’s sour! ❤

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