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Dear Dallas

Here is my wonderful dear sister, Dallas!!

So pretty! Inside, and out!

She was my second roomie. We bonded almost immediately! We fell in love, and became soul sisters. We are each other’s family from now into eternity!

AND!! We have the same sense of humor!! So terrific!!

She has hair again!! She balds herself sometimes too, just like me!!

We loved just talking to each other!! We were never bored. Yeah, we colored some, but mostly we were laughing!!

Once, she was making me laugh SO hard, I was face down on the bed, flailing my legs. A tech stuck her head in, “Just wanted to see what that noise was!”

What?? They’ve never heard people laughing so joyously?? Sad.

I had told them I was GF. What was I thinking??

Duh oh!

I love this girl, so much!!

Can you guess her favorite color?? lol

When I was leaving, we hugged each other so hard!! And bawling so hard!!

I can’t find a purple girl hugging a green girl.

As soon as Dallas was home, we video called almost every day. DD1 was a little concerned, the times I laughed so hard, I lost my breath!!

2 weeks after she got home, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I asked DH to take me over there. I just told her that she was getting a package delivered, would she be home? She said yes, so away we drove!

When she opened the door, she was so shocked, she was almost speechless!

“What?? What?? What are you doing here, Mindy??”

I’m your special delivery!

We hugged so long, DH had to come find me! lol

I sent her upstairs to put on shoes, so we could get some supper.

She came back down with them on the wrong feet!! lol She was all discombobulated!

We went to Publix….

Published by purpleslob

I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

7 thoughts on “Dear Dallas

  1. Oh, Mindy! Thank you so much for this beautiful post! You are my purple butterfly.

    I love you to eternity, and may God bless you always!!

    Liked by 1 person

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