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Toilet Tissue

I was panicking slightly. Slightly?? It was BIG TIME PANIC mode, girlfriend!!

Ok, ok, it was Big Time panic. But for a good reason!! Name it! Well, I didn’t have but 1 roll of tt under the sink!! You do you, girl. Now I understand. We all gonna die!!

Alright, I can see why you thought I was overdoing it… Just a smidge. We won’t die, just not be clean!! Ever again!!

Oh brother!!

So I sent DH to the store. I emphasized, Buy A LOT!!

This is what he came home with;

Sometimes I really love that man!! He gets me!

Man, I thought I had the thing where you can flip it around. ergh. Oh well. Y’all can read 30 rolls upside, right?? Sure they can!

Now I can relax. Yeah, but for how long????

I just couldn’t resist this!! Sorry!

Published by purpleslob

I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

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