Braggy McBraggerson

*gasp!* You didn’t Alliterate! Are you sure this is you writing?? Yes, I’m sure. Do you have a fever? No, I feel fine. But something is terribly wrong! You always alliterate!

I don’t know what to tell you. This is the only title that came to me to describe what I’m gonna do. What? Brag on myself!

I was sending emails, trying to find contacts, so I could delete some old ones. So, I was scrolling down the list of folders. Came to “Slob”. Had no idea what was in there. Now I do! And I’m a gonna share it with you. Cuz I’m generous like that!

Here is your comment:
Haha! Just like me! Everything I try to do involves 40 have to do first steps. That’s why I live in such chaos.
And I’m drowning in laundry. And it’s only me here. sigh
Maybe you’d like to stop by my blog? You were one of my major inspirations to starting it, and I quote you several times.
Thank you, for being you!
And you ARE funny!Melinda —— 2015-04-09 10:29:27

Here is the new reply:
Love it!! And go you for blogging. It’s a great way to stay focused!Dana White —— 2015-04-09 11:57:39

The famous “Nony”, AKA Dana White, replied to me!! She’s famous, now I can claim she spoke to me!! I was so excited!!

Your comment on the post Step Three of My Messy House Checklist: Throw Stuff Away has a new replyHere is your comment:

Just decided to donate huge box of grape decor, which I absolutely love!! But, this kitchen does not have display space like my previous 2 places. So, much as it pains me, I have to let it go. If it’s not useful, and I have no space for it, it’s clutter. Also, I wanted to keep the 7 purple glass goblets from that box, so I got rid of 7 plastic cups, and mugs. 1 in, 1 out. Thank u Nony!melinda —— 2014-08-03 13:29:46

Here is the new reply:
Oh I love how you managed to get to keep your faves! Go you!Dana White —— 2014-08-03 14:43:23

I felt like a celebrity when she answered me personally! She is a big time star!! She has published FOUR real honest-to-goodness books!!

I even took a pic of me peeking over the edge of the book! Too baqd I can’t find that now!

This is the first one I read. It spoke to me, mainly because she had been a real life slob herself! And she was digging her way out. So I knew I could too! Of course, I read this in about 2015, and I’ve been on this journey since 2014. Here it is 2021, and still working on it! Someday!! But then what will you blog about?? Oh yeah! Hmm… have to think about that one…

My Mama

In my previous blog, I wrote a tribute to my Mama. But since many of you might not have had the priviledge, I mean opportunity, to read that one, here I go again.

My Mama is so beautiful!!


Don’t forget elegant! Of course not! She dresses so carefully coordinated, and elegantly, no one would ever guess how little she actually spends on her wardrobe! She color matches everything, from her earrings, necklaces, clothes, all the way down to her shoes. Somehow, I missed that fashion gene!

I love buying her jewelry! It’s so much fun! There’s always something new, I know she’ll like. For Valentine’s day, I bought her these animal print earrings, and wouldn’t you know it, she had on animal print the day I gave them to her! And she had forgotten to put on earrings that day, and was plumb naked! 😉

She’s such a tiger!

Yeah, you already wrote about that on this blog!

Here we are:

Mama and Daughter!

In the kitchen, where she loves to be, feeding her family! Not only food, but food made with love!

Cooking up something delicious!

This is her only living sister, out of 5, Aunt Pat, who is a complete sweetheart!

Me, duh!, Mama, and Aunt Pat

Mama loves giraffes!! SO easy to buy her presents!! I think we’ve bought her every kind of giraffe item in the world! Probably so! I think the weirdest was the towel bowl brush set! Sorry, not sorry, no pic!

She names them all, but I can’t remember!

She loves her children, grands, and great grands! fiercely!! And we all ❤ her just as much!

Regretfully, I don’t have a pic of the whole family together. 😦 That would be so cool! Maybe photoshop??

She also received her BA in English at 60 yrs old!! That was the accomplishment of a life time!

And a foreign missionary, that was a vision that God gave her at 12 years old, and due to her family’s poverty, she thought it was an impossible dream! Also her education was impossible, in her mind. But faith in God, hard work, and perseverance can work miracles! She is living proof!

Oh, you almost forgot! She taught English in China for a semester! (There she learned that I was not just a whiner about low sinks, they hurt your back!! Even she had to bend over quite a bit there! Thank you China, for validating my lifelong pain! lol )

One final thing, on my list: she is a published author! In her college paper, and an anthology from her senior year there. She writes tremendously well!

Well, I think that’s enough bragging for today. We don’t want her to get the big head!

I love you Mama!!

Bitter Bites

Would you bite the hand that feeds you? Sadly, I have been doing it for months. Wow! Anxious much?? Yeah, I guess so. Instead getting up and getting a xanax, I’d just chomp down on my hand. Not even aware really, that I was doing it, until the pain registered.

Sis has been concerned about it, as soon as I finally confessed to her. She began to pray for me to stop. When I told DD1 about it, she asked if I’d heard about teething necklaces? Nope. So, she ordered me one on Amazon. It just came today.

Wow!! Just in a few hours, it’s already made such a difference! I have started to bite myself several times, then I’d catch the glance of the purple, and remember what I can safely bite, without self-harm!! Thank you, DD1!! She really is a blessing. And I love her lots, and lots! A bushel and a peck, and a hug around the neck!

Today’s Topic

Today’s Topic is one of my favorite! Drum roll, please!


TP!! Whee!

First let me show you the problem.

No room there!

This is how I solved that problem.

Looks like a good solution to me. But, I sense there is gonna be a “but”.

A BIG butt!!

My left shoulder is so arthritic, that it’s grinding bone on bone, like my right knee was before my surgery. Uh-oh!! That sounds painful!

No kiddin! So, reaching for something on my left hurts really bad. So, why do I do it all the time? you may ask? Because I’m very much a creature of habit, and not used at ALL to using critical thinking skills. I do have them!! They are just very atrophied, due to disuse.

But no worries, my Dr says she’s not gonna suggest surgery. Yet!

One day, as I sat there, idly looking around, it finally occurred to me, that I could change my habits! WHAT?? Good for you!!

All it takes is finally realizing there is a serious issue, and looking around for the answer. And it was very easy, and right before my very eyes!!

Ta Da!


Now I’m not causing myself serious pain multiple times a day! AND I can use my shoulder when I must!

And a good night to all. May your TP always fit where you need it to be.

Tooth Taken Too

Remember the tooth I broke on the garlic bread?? Well, 2 weeks ago, it broke in half. While it was still in my mouth. And the pain?? 21 outta 10, people!! No joke! My jaw swelled, and everything.

Is that the infection running down my face, and pooling there in my jaw?? It was an upper tooth, btw.

When I made an appt, the receptionist reminded me of the $300 balance, from my tooth trip in Nov. You’re kiddin me!! I’m almost in the grave, and I gotta pay NOW!! OR die?? Yup.

So, I got ahold of he who is now nameless, and told him to go pay, or he will die, right before me. He said, “I don’t have $300! I only have $8 in my checking account!”

Tersely, I answered, “March over to that cash box, in the corner, get out $300, go pay this dentist, or die!! Not even kiddin!”

Like a good, scared, little boy, he did exactly that. The next morning he called, and said, “It’s paid, your appt is at 10.” Thank you!! You saved your own life there, bud!!

I took 3 mg Xanax, and 1200 mg Gabapentin, so that I’d be able to endure the torture. But guess what?? Now they have nitrous!! Guess that was just invented last month, and wasn’t available in Nov., huh?? Yeah, apparently. GGRR!!

When I was in the chair, just before the dentist came in, the office manager came and said I’d have to pay the $200 that the insurance wouldn’t be paying. RIGHT NOW?? Disbelief in my voice. Yup, right now. Apparently the previous office manager had just been fired, for not making sure people pay their bills, and not making arrangements, at time of service. So, like I’m the one who got her fired?? That was certainly implied, yes.

I looked at him, the nameless one, and teared up. He went to the front desk, and ran his credit card, resignedly. Hmmm, so he was lying about only having 8 bucks in his checking account?? Imagine that, he lied. Who’d athunk??

2 hours, relatively painlessly went by. Nitrous is a miracle!! Can I sue the pants off the dentist, for not offering it back in Nov. when I had mini panic attacks, every 5 minutes, and made him wait till I could breath again??? I literally can NOT believe he made me suffer like that, knowing he had something, right at his elbow!! That would ease my sufferin!!

Oh yeah, the jaw swelling was from an infection, in the tooth. Penicillin took care of that thankfully. The reason it was so horridly painful- the roots were still alive, unlike the previous tooth, in Nov.

No more nasty infection!! YAY!!

All gone gone!

You’ll be glad to know, no males were harmed in the making of this post. My pain?? Eh, it’s gone now.

See, Dolly?? I promised I’d smile more!!

All better!!

Working Women

Whew! I’m exhausted!! It’s only 10:30 in the morning, and I’m wiped out for the day! 😉

I’ve only been up for an hour, too!!

Washed some dishes;

Put away some laundry, straight from the dryer... Um, could you be stretching the truth a tiny bit?? What?? It was straight from the dryer! Well, yes, but it finished drying yesterday! That’s not the impression you gave! But, I told the truth!! the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!! Uh, the truth, yes…. nothing but the truth yes… but you left out some important context. So, I think most everyone would agree with me, that you did not tell the whole truth! Whatevs….

But that’s not all!! I actually put the laundry AWAYY!! Like in a drawer and everything!!

Drawers in drawers. I think I’m hilarious!!

You even folded it! Color me shocked! I can’t believe it either!! I think the last time that happened was in August, 1979 when I moved to college, and left my parents’ house!! I definitely know that for a fact!!

Clothes go in drawers?? This is NEW information!

I even think I walked back and forth to the kitchen a few times!! No wonder you’re wore out! Poor baby!!

Now, if Granny was still here on earth, God rest her soul, she would have put me to shame, by 7:30 in the morning!! That woman was a working whirlwind! Up and dressed, started a load of laundry, swept the porch, and steps, picked fresh oranges, squoze ’em, cooked breakfast, got Aunt Pat off to work, and called you asking if she woke you up!! With her delighted chuckle, if she did!

You probably forgot something, like she had also made a dress, or a quilt, or something too!

Permanent Pain

Oh, the hugs and kisses of my babies when I see them!! Which I will tomorrow!! YAY!! ( the 27th.)

When we saw them, it was heavenly! Mama got to go with DD1 and I. The girls were so thrilled to see her! It had been since June 14th. Then of course they asked about Pop. It was SO HARD to tell them he lied about an important adult thing, and I couldn’t live with him anymore. I thought it’d be the baby who would be more upset. She just got mad at him. PP was devasted. I held her on my lap, and hugged her tight, while she just bawled, and bawled. I hate him for doing that to those precious babies!!

In my goodbye letter to him, I told him the pain would start later.

Last night he asked about our trip. He said, “I know you went to see the babies, since you asked to borrow the cooler. When can I see them?” Never. More (expected) screaming. I told you the pain would begin later. You made your choice when you choose those women over me, so that means you have no right to see them anymore. More screaming. Again, I stayed calm. You made your bed, I hope you enjoy laying in it. More screaming about us 3 being the treasures of his life, blah, blah, blah. HA!! Again, I don’t believe you.

“You have no right to deprive me of seeing those babies! I love them!” Well, it seems you love everybody these days. Since you made such wrong choices, you can not see them anymore. I’ve already told them that. I did not deprive you, you chose that when you cheated on me. I guess you didn’t think thru your actions, and the consequences, huh? You did this to yourself. You have no right to blame me for your behavior, or the consequences of it.

Yeah, he is feeling the pain. And not enjoying it at all. Hopefully he won’t ever do this again, if he remarries.

Flawed Flowers

I debated long and hard about writing this post. But, y’all have always been with me thru thick and thin. The good, the bad, the ugly. Remember the maggots?? That post is gone now, since I quit paying for the domain. Probably for the best.

Anyway, back to what I was saying. On the 17th, only 3 short days after Valentine’s, and only 2 days after I published

I found out why the flowers.

I gave them to my Mama. I didn’t want to look at them anymore.

He was cheating on me.

My sis forwarded a message on FB, from one of her friends, concerning a guy trying to friend her, who had porn on his profile. Unlucky for him, that he chose that particular woman. Lucky for me. I woke him up, and told him to log onto his FB. Of course he fumbled around, and said he couldn’t remember PW, since he just woke up.

So, I pulled up his profile, and pointed to the porn. He blanched. “How did you do that?” Apparently you didn’t know that profiles are public, huh?

So, I made him march back to his room and I grabbed his phone, locked. OF course. I made him unlock it, and grabbed it again, before he had any time to delete anything. The first things that pulled up were messages from 3 women. I only read the first one, and got sick to my stomach.

WHAT is this?? Somehow I kept my voice calm, and even, not yelling. “It’s only a game.” He was yelling. A GAME?? “It’s only a word game.” It’s not a GAME to me! Again with the “It’s only a game, to see what they’ll say.” He kept screaming, I kept calm.

I read their texts outloud. “I love you, HK.” he said. HK was our secret code for hugs, and kisses. At least I thought it was OUR secret code. Apparently, it was his code to whatever woman he was talking to at the time. She answered the same. “I can’t wait to see you again.” Her answer echoed his.

I said Did you meet her in person? “NO!” I don’t believe you.

So, Again I read the first lines aloud, and said, These are the same exact words you wrote in my Valentine’s card, only 3 short days ago. So either you love her, and you’re lying to me, or you love me, and are lying to her. Which is it?

He yelled, “I love you!” Then why are you texting other women? And telling them you love them? In the same exact words you wrote to me??? I don’t believe you.

More yelling.

I don’t believe you, was my answer for every word he said.

I will take the car, and I want $600 a month support. “NO! That’s my car, and I need it!” You have your little beater truck. You drive it all over the county to junk, you can certainly drive it to church. (I have the car sitting outside, right now.)

Take me to my mother’s please. But we had to wait till 7 am. No way was I going to wake her up at 2 am. I stayed there 2 nights, not knowing where I would live after 2 weeks of staying with her.

Thankfully DD1″s roomie moved out on Sat, and she asked me to move in.

From her apt here, well I guess it’s our apt now, is where I wrote, “

Everyone thinks I’m devastated. Actually, after the first shock, horror, and being MAD, I’m sorta relieved. He has been emotionally unavailable for a looooong time. After this second marriage, the honeymoon lasted about 9 months, then it was back to his behavior for the last 11 years of the previous 13 yr marriage. Why did I think things would be different?? Hope springs eternal.

This 5th time around, (2 marriages to first hub, 3nd to Bobby who died, now 2 to this husband, I won’t label him Dear anymore), I’ve finally learned my lessons. I’ve done everything I know how to be a good wife. My deep depressions were very hard on him, I’m sure. But they are not my fault, and no excuse for him to go outside the marriage. I was right there, craving his love and attention, and not receiving it.

Both of my first marriages, I cheated. Then I was diagnosed bi-polar, after I went to rehab for 3 weeks for my drinking. The Dr said both drinking, and sexual acting out were very common signs of bi-polar. No cheating on Bobby, we were only married 2 months, before he died. He had been in prison for 2 yrs, after our inital 18 months together. (Previous parole violation he had to take care of.) Our first marriage to now husband, I cheated, with an old, dear friend who had been in love with me since we were 18. Again, it was the same situation of starving for love, and attention, which is not an excuse. Then, he cheated, to even the score. At that age, you’d think we would have more mature than that. SMH

So, as I said, this time I learned all my lessons. I did everything I could. I was faithful. So now, I have a release. Jesus said,

Matthew 5:32But I say unto you, That whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery:

This also applies in the reverse. If he commits adultery, then she is innocent. Which I am.

I probably overshared. You might not have wanted to hear all that, but I felt I needed to make the situation clear, and take my part of the responsibilities for our previous marriage when I broke trust, and committed adultery.

Thank y’a SO much for being here for me!! ❤

Sherri, Carmen, Gail, Dolly, Venus, Jen, Jenny, Jennifer, and Crystal, Carrie

If I forgot someone, please forgive! ❤

Now my new life begins!! Looking forward to the adventure!

Calm Corner

Boy, I’m really fascinated with dust lately!! I must be attracted to it or something!

Here’s the dustiness;

Not too bad!

Now for the wall beside it;

Even better!

Not bad, not bad. I like it when the mess isn’t too huge!

Little bit of chair sweeping, I just realized I should of had someone take a pic of me chair sweeping! I love these tile floors!! I can scoot all the way to the kitchen! Whoop, Whoop!


Well, dusting off my hands, that job’s done! Looks great! Thx!

Birthday Blessings

Today is my 60th!! How old am I?? My brain is shrinking!! (But that’s normal, the Dr. says, and it’s only slightly. Whew!) God is so good to me!!

How did I get so old?? That’s the question!! Well, time flies when you’re having fun, so I guess I’ve been having lots of fun!! 🙂

From my special Sissy;

See, Dolly? I promised I’d smile!!
So cheerful!!

And candy from Sissy too! It’s Valentine’s heart, who cares?? Not I!! It was on clearance, and it’s chocolate!! Chocolate is the only thing that matters!!

Russell Stover!! She cared enough to send the very best!!

The sun woke me up at 9:30, saying, “Hello, Sunshine!

From my Mama:

And $20 dollars! Wheeee!! I smell a meal out today!!

Even with my shrunken brain, I’m gonna enjoy my day to the fullest!!

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