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Sassy Sink

More cleaning!! Man, I’m on a roll!! Pretty soon, it’s gonna be 1 thing a week!! (And the whole house yells, “We can only hope so!” Quiet, peanut gallery!!

Well, I have proof there were dirty dishes!! Where’s the clean proof??

Oops!! I was so anxious for DH to fry up some eggs and sausage, I didn’t take an “after”. But it’s dirty again now. You could wash, then photograph it.

What?? And make myself have to clean 4 or 5x next month?? Do you know me?? (dryly) Since I AM you, yes, I do.

Beer Bash

Since July 1 is my 29th anniversary of being sober, I thought I’d tell the story of why I never drank beer.

When I was 13, I was visiting my Aunt Katie, and Uncle James. Somehow he spilled almost a half can of beer on me. I was horrified!! Reeking of beer, I knew my @$$ was grass, and Dad was gonna mow it. So I begged Aunt Katie to ask me to spend the night, so I’d have time to shower, and wash my outfit, which she gladly did.

Ever since that night, I’ve despised the smell of beer. With good reason!

Congrats to me for being sober so long!! Well, not really. God delivered me!! And He’s the one who keeps me sober, day by day.

Kitchen Clean

I haven’t done a lot, er- any!! cleaning or decluttering in several minutes.

Actually, I’ve done a little, I just haven’t documented it for you. My bad.

So, here we go.


Where’s the before????

Oops, don’t think I have one. facepalm

These prove that I did do something! The walkways are clear! Yay!!

Not related, just a mother/daughter pic, when she came with me to Dr. Tatagari, in May.

Hopefully more soon!!

Party People!!

Mama’s 80th Birthday party 🥳🎉 was a resounding success!!

Sis’ church is also Mama’s, so they graciously let us have it there. Thank you, Youman’s ! You’ve already seen the entrance, but to usher you back in…

Happy 80th Birthday Miss Mary June!
Cuz Kaleena

Cuz Karin wins for wearing giraffes!! Photobomber Nick

Mama, GreatGrand Noah, Grand Karen
Mama, her Sis in law Katie, her Niece Sylvia

I didn’t get the coral memo!!

Miss Carla was our Bible study table leader YEARS ago!! 10 maybe?? For Mama, Michelle, Aunt Pat, me; and she STILL prays for us, kids, grands; AND sends us Birthday cards!!! Miss Carla is AMAZING!! We all love her dearly

There’s my bestie, Dallas, beside me

We got a pic of Mama, and we 3 kids.

We 3 kids!!

We all are so profoundly glad to have Mama, still after80 wonderful years! And thankful for her continued good health. God is so good!!

We had 68 people there! And 60 were all related!!

Party people presented!!

Darling Decorations

Look out world! Mama’s graduating into a new decade!!

The Matriarch of the Chaney/Hawkins families will be 80 years old on June 5th!! Congrats, Mama!!

Now, on to planning the party!!

For years, nay decades even!! Mama has been in love with giraffes.

Yeah, jumped the gun, I see. Not quite done coloring.

Now, she’s added butterflies! What?? When’d that happen?? Apparently when Aunt Opal, her older sister died., around 2 years ago, now. Oh, ok.

So, when I told Sis we were now in planning mode, for Mama’s 80th party, well, that’s when I was informed we had to do both. Are ya kiddin?? Nope, no she wasn’t.

Ok, no matter that I already started purchasing these:

So cute, no?

I’ll just start ALL over again, no prob. (For her!!)

So, now we have these plates. I think they’re stunning!

But, since that is almost life size, WAAYY too little for food!! (Back to the store/scrolling online, for regular sized plates. ) My therapist helped me tie the antennas on abut 50. Then, CC helped me finish the rest when she arrived. 88 is a heckuva lot of antennas to tie~! Just saying!

Regular pink paper cups, napkins….

Giraffe tapestries that I already had… 5. FIVE???? Yup, 5. (Wonder what I’ll do with the 3 that didn’t fit in the fellowship hall at church?? And don’t fit on the walls in Mama’s apt??)

Yeah, they’re big!! 5 ” across!

Here’s the tissue paper carnations the girls made.

CC called this color “Puce”. It’s her favorite color word. I love words. Except puce!! It just makes me wince!

Yes, I changed flowers there in mid make, didn’t I?? Sorry!

I can’t show the finished flowers, cuz I didn’t take any pix, by themselves. I took pix of the girls holding them up.

Which I don’t regret at all!!

The party entrance!! Ta-Da!

C’mon in!!

Oh, yay!! Those are the flowers the girls made!

Dilly Dally

My bestie Dallas has a nickname for me, Mindy. I love it! Because I was called that in 8th grade.

So it takes me back, in a good way. I had a wonderful gang of great friends then.

All that to say, I now needed to come up with a nickname for her.

Y’all know my affinity for alliteration.

This time I was able to double dip I alliterated her nickname, With her name. Score!!

Introducing Dilly Dallas, my Procrastinating Pickle!

Dilly Dally

Green??? Gracious!!!

I know, you’re shocked to see that word, “Green”, in the title of a post. Kindda!! Especially when you ha… I mean strongly dislike that color!

Yeah, well I still do, but since my bestie, Dallas, loves it, I have to learn to co-exist!!

Look what I found!!

Okay, so the “Green” is teal, but I’m saying Green. That’s that my story, and I’m sticking to it!

Waaaahhhh, even my Vampire, I mean, phlebotomist, got into the act!


Ya like it, doncha, Dallas?? Probably not what it is, just the color. Yes, that’s what I meant.

Green eyed Pea

Ummm, didn’t you color that yourself??? Yep. I’m trying. I’m facing my fears.

Is it a flower?? A double cup?? Oh, a butterfly!!

Okay, I took a deep breath, and DID it!! Green is, gulp! an okay color!

I will deal with it!! That’s not too bad at all!! Especially since the green is only an accent, right? Admittedly, that does help ease the pain!