Here it is July 25, and I’ve been chasing my tail for 10 days now, about the ding dong phone situation.

I ain’t even going into it all. Suffice it to say, many trials, tribulations, temper tantrums, tons of tears, and temptations to shatter the whole phone with a hammer ensued.

I think I finally have it solved. Thanks to SF loaning me his phone to call, customer service actually ANSWERING last night, and a very kind, helpful guy named Joseph. May God bless him!

The new SIM card should be here within 5-10 business days… Better than the 12th of never!

Bubba told me to just pretend all my info from my old phone was burned up in a fire, and just be grateful I got out alive. There is that….

Floor Flatter

Floor flatter, or flatter floor??

One is telling the surface under my feet how beautiful it is, the other is the surface being smoother, with less bumps.

Isn’t it amazing how just switching the position of the words makes the meaning entirely different?? Words fascinate me. Their sounds, spellings, meanings, usages, histories.

One of my youngest nephew’s favorite games, at Mama’s house, was to pull out the dictionary, pick a word at random, and see who defines it most closely. It was fun!! (Until he had been doing it 30 minutes, and our brains were throbbing!! lol)

So much better!! If I keep doing 1 spot a day, I’ll have this whole floor flattered in no time!! My bedroom floor. Before we all step on it again. So, basically what you’re really saying, it’s never gonna be all clean at the same time? Yeah, basically.

How flattered is Your floor?


I dropped my phone. Again?? Again. Isn’t that about the 11teenth time?? Uh, maybe. I plead the 5th.

Usually when I fumble it, it only cracks a tiny bit. Not this time! Nope!! It shattered into a gazillion tiny bits of glass. I warned you about getting it covered, or cased! Yeah, lots of people did.


Maybe next time you’ll listen??? Here’s hoping.

This was last Thur night. And, of course I ran! to the computer and ordered a new one!! (Thanx DH, for the loan! Yeah, I transferred the money without asking, but it was an emergency!! And I told him the next morning. Thankfully he understood. He knows that phone is my prosthetic brain!!)

How about a case?? Yes, also a case, Nagatha. A real pretty one, with lavender roses on the back! I’d take a pic, and show ya, but…

The phone was supposed to come in 2 days. Sat. came and went. Sunday came and went. Monday came and went. Now I’m mad!! Tuesday came, and went!! Steam is pouring outta my ears!!

Today, Wed, the tracking number says it’s at CVS. WHAT??? I don’t live at CVS!!! UPS couldn’t find my house?? Oh, right, I should have dropped the invisibility shield, that we installed to hide from their idiot dad. My bad.

But the good news- this counts as 1 item decluttered, right??? Uh, well…. I guess technically… One more box colored in!! Yay!!

Just try to keep the new one alive for longer, alright?? Hmmm, no promises!! Hopefully the case works!!

Heave Ho Hamper

This is an oldie, but goodie, that I’m recycling from my old blog. The first one.

Well, I gave another hamper the old heave ho today.   YAY ME!!

Ironically, it’s a hamper I didn’t even realize I still HAD!   XH got the clothes outta the dryer for me last Mon. (due to my fall the Fri before, I was still in AGONY!)    And in he comes with a white hamper full of clothes.   I said “Where did you get that?”     (Did I think he went out and bought it, just to bring in the clothes?????)   He said, “It was out there.”   Meaning, in the workshop, where the dryer is located, and that I avoid like the plagues of Egypt! ……

(Warning! There are gabillions of links! One fast reader said it took her 45 minutes! So beware of getting sucked down the ole link hole!!)

For the rest; go here.

Prep & Progress

Now that DD1’s data has been updated, now it’s my turn!

She ended up with 455 so far; my total is….. drum roll please…554!!

I won!!

You do realize it’s not really a contest, right?? It’s a collaborative effort to make more room in the house to breathe, and live.

Yeah, yeah, but I won!!

This was my first draft of My Measurements. And then I forgot about this, and wrote that. Mercy! Whoever took my brain, please give it back!! I miss it horribly!!

Interdependent Independence

This is an old post, (as well as from an old website:; my first as a matter of fact.) from 5 years ago. So add 5 to all the “th” numbers! Nope! Not gonna do it for ya- math is anathema to me, remember!!

International Independence Day…

It says I love Jesus and America!

Happy Independence Day 2021!!

Definite Diagnosis.

DD1 had an appointment with a specialist POTS Dr. today. She definitely has it. Not happy that she does, just so relieved that she finally has a definite diagnosis.

And, a lot of my symptoms lately, dizziness, etc, plus my usual list, could be POTS as well. WHAT?? I didn’t have Covid! But POTS is genetic, and I have some of the markers. I will have to investigate more. Just what I needed! Another disease! But at least I’d have a real reason for my inability to do stuff too. So, we shall see.

But both of us can’t be in bed all the time! She has been feeling so discouraged, and ignored so long… Their idiot dad was telling the girls that she was just fat, and lazy. We both told them she had a medical problem, but… It didn’t sink in very well, it seems. He just refuses to believe it. Now she will have official paperwork to prove the truth of what WE told the girls. He lied AGAIN!! Nearly everything he and gf told them was a lie! It burns me up that they are so mean, and spiteful.

So, besides many meds, one of the lifestyle changes we have to make is: GF, and Diary free. NO!!!!!! Well, we both knew our eating habits are horrible. And we need to make sure the girls eat healthily, so… It has to be. When I thought I was dying of kidney disease, 7ish years ago, I sure went GF!! Cuz I thought I was literally dying. This weekend I found SF’s GF Wheat Belly book, and was planning to give it back to him. Does God have a sense of humor, or what??

Right now, DH has 2 sweet potatoes baking in the oven. We don’t have any brown sugar, so it will be white. Can’t do everything over night!!

He’s also cutting up a cauliflower, to eat with ranch dressing. Not sure what else we’ll eat. These veggies were given to us, by the summer school lunches program. You know we surely didn’t buy them!! But we will, unwillingly as it may be. It doesn’t matter if we like it, or not. Just that we do it!!

But, now we will be eating tons more veg, and we’ll like ’em!! The POTS Dr. also recommended organic. We need to brace ourself for $5 a piece apples!! (I sure hope that’s a joke!! Publix has organic stuff, so we’ll be all good. I love shopping there!! It definitely is a pleasure!! If you don’t have one, I’m so sorry for you!!)

Every since the girls have been home, we have been buying lots of fruit. They love it!! Yay!! Now DD1 and I just have to get on board!! We’re gonna be crying our eyes out, when there’s no more Cokes! Or brownies!! OR ice cream!! Now I’m crying already!!

Waah!! Waah!!

Injunction Junction

Injunction junction, what’s your function?? Ok, I know that’s not right. It’s supposed to be; Conjunction junction, what’s your function?

That’s what we need more of; School House Rock!! “I’m just a bill. A bill on Capital Hill.”

Anyways, back to the present. DD1’s Injunction hearing was yesterday, Mon., June 28th. At 8:45 am!! which meant we had to leave the house at 7:45 am!! And would you believe it- I was in the van waiting for DD1?? Well, I was!!

She got up there first, cuz I had to potty, of course. And as I stepped off the elevator, and rounded the corner, there was gf, sitting on the back row. Out loud, I said, “Well, guess I’m in the right place then.”

Not gonna leave ya in suspense.

It was denied again. I was in total shock, and disbelief. AGAIN. Apparently, it’s ok if you beat up on your poor, little children, but you have to hit the mama for it to count as Domestic Violence. Stalking, and harrassment are a no-go.

The judge would not grant the injunction- but he did warn their idiot dad, that it would be best if he stayed up in Ocala. So why wouldn’t he sign the order then??? Beats the heck outta me!

Idiot’s answer?? “It’s not worth my time and gas to come back.”

SERIOUSLY??? You’ve scared the begeezus outta us, sicced the police, and DCF on us, gotten your girls so frightened, that they nearly cry whenever someone knocks on the door- but NOW it’s not worth your time and gas to come back??

I thought you wanted “Your” kids back?? Suddenly they aren’t worth anything??

Just proves my point. That all along he didn’t really want the girls, he just didn’t want DD1 to have them. Or for the girls to be happy, and feel secure.

JERK!! Multiplied by infinity!!

The next official date is Aug 5. The court date for the divorce/custody. If full custody is not granted to DD1…. Well, I can’t say what I will do. I don’t want any written evidence. But my counselor heard it. And said she wouldn’t blame me. So, there’s that.

Still praying his parental rights will be terminated. AND that he goes back in the pokey!! Please GOD!! We have got to keep these girls safe!! And I will- even if it has to be my last act on earth. It might also turn out to be someone else’s last act on earth too… But, not going there. For legal reasons.

My Measurements

As promised, my next post would be my chart progress. And wa-la! Here it is!!

DD1’s Decluttering Data ended with a cliff hanger, besides who shot JR!! Wasn’t it the teenager Lucy, or whatever her name was?? The real question- Who did better? DD1 or me??

I’m very proud to announce- drum roll please- it was ME!! Yay us!!

April was fantastic!!
Woot! Woot!!

Total to present: 554!! Exactly 99 more than DD1. How did I do that?? Just good I guess!!


Alright, enough bragging I guess. We’ll see who’s up- or down!- the most Dec. 31. Here’s hoping it’s me!! lol

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