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Blog Blah Blocking

I think I just may be getting over my not-wanting-to-blogitis!! Finally! Man, it was a virulant strain!! I was so sick with it!

But, last weekend, when DH and I went up to see the girls, I felt the first stirrings of wellness overcome me!!

The hotel we were in, was straight outta the 50s, or 60s!! The whole decor was pastel pink, and mint green! Yuck!! Gave me the shudders! But, it was soooo bad, I just sat down and started writing!

I will post about it soon. I sent pix to DD1, and Sis. I think I heard them retching, over text! For realz!

You’ll see!

Hey, Dolly, and Kristy, thanks so much for the encouragement, and love!! It’s returned 1,000 fold!! ❤

This is where

This is where I’m gonna move to from    CuZ I’m tired of paying monthly!!    Or maybe cuZ I can’t move physically, so I have to do it virtually???

As soon as I can remember this address to share with you!!   And figure out how to import everything!   And find out where the purple font is!!

This is still purpleslob!!

Purple Person

Ok, if you’re following me- stop you stalker!!     lol     Just kiddin!      Please don’t stop!!     I need you!!

My very first site was

Then I ran outta space, and moved  to

Then I got tired of paying!!       So here I am!

Back at WP, where I started.    I think I saved my dotcom site, at least I tried to, on a thumb drive.     I need to check that out, before my site is deleted, in July.     I’ll get right on that.      Oh, sweet friend!     I need you!!

Oh, yeah, I’m supposed to be introducing myself.

Hi!     I’m Melinda.    The PurpleSlob. 

I’m a slob who loves purple- duh!!

I am a Bible believing, tongue talking, devil chasing Christian.

Married, 2 daughters, 2 granddaughters, my grandbabies,  who are the absolute light of my life.    They lived with us nearly all their lives, until May of this year.      But you will still hear about them ALL the time!!    And if you’re not careful, you’ll have to look at my whole wallet full of pix!      Don’t I wish.    For privacy reasons, DD1, Dear Daughter 1, doesn’t let me post their pix.

I’m tired, so that’s all for now.