Tom Turkeys

We got to see the girls the weekend of the 15th!! Yay!! It’s always a red letter day when we see our babies!

And of course, I come prepared with crafts! They are a pair of crafty crafters, if ever I’ve seen one!!

This time was Tom turkeys, since we would not see them at Thanksgiving.

We helped them trace their hands, and cut out the fingers, for CC- a little bit tricky!

Aren’t they gorgeous! And the turkeys too! Lol I so wish I could show you the babies- they are most gorgeous girls in the world!

Haha! I figured out a way!!

PopPop wanted to know where was his! Sorry, they kept both! One for Daddy, and 1 for other Grandmother. Maybe next year!

Here’s a pic! Does that help??

Littlest’s turkey. It’s been so long since I blogged, I forgot her name!! CC for Chunk Chunk. She’s a preschooler now, not a chunky baby any more!

Biggest’s turkey. Her name is PP, Pudding Pop, I’m sure you can figure out why!

That’s funny that each made their hands according to their name I gave them!!

On to preparing Christmas crafts!! I think I get more excited than the children!! I love crafting too, and get the joy of preparing the samples!! Hurray!!

Dawn Dishes

Okay, Dolly says I must post!!

In October, I did the dishes 3 whole times!! (Cue the confetti cannon!)

For the first 2 weeks, DH and I were having a cold war. I had wanted to do something, go see the girls, and he said, NO. I really needed to see them, since 2 first cousins had died 2 weeks apart.

So, of course I was angry, and decided to show him so, by ignoring the dishes. But he just ignored them too. Hmmm, maybe this strategy isn’t working as well as I thought it would. By the 3rd week, they were stinkin to high heaven! Tip: Don’t leave a plate with eggs on it, to sit unattended!!

I called my sister, and had my tiny pity party. She said, “Now you know you gotta forgive him! Then get in there and wash!” Bossy pants!

I feel like I’ve already told you this part before. Anyway, I forge on.

So, I did. Then the next week, I washed them again!! No eggs this time! And the 30th, I did it for the 3rd time!! I might even start to make it a regular habit!

Nah, y’all know better than that!

Motel Midcentury

Ok, I just now promised Dolly, from KoolKosherKitchen, an excellent Kosher Kook!! That I would post at least once this week. So, I better get to it, so I don’t let the clock run out!!

I’m looking for my notebook, because I started writing a post, and now can’t find it. I have 3 others here on my desk! But not the one I want. Eye roll. Figures.

Well, ok then, I gotta do it all from memory. Ow!! that hurts!! My brain doesn’t like working anymore!

Last Sat, no, Sat was a week ago, before that, we went up to see the girls. And we wanted to stay in a motel closer, than the one we’ve used every other time. So, we pull up into this midcentury looking one, which they ALL look like that! We paid, then drove around to the room. First off, I said to DH, “There’s no A/C!!” He said, “Wahat??” There’s no A/C!! See beside the door, no A/C!! (ALL the motels we have EVER been in, the A/C is always by the door, dripping onto the sidewalk.

Apparently he didn’t believe me, and went in. One second later, he comes out. There’s no A/C! Well, DUH!! I told you that. Back to the office he jogs. Office manager comes. Lo and behold, there IS an A/C- on the back wall! The guy must have thought we were stupid hicks who never been to a motel before!! But, they are never on the wall!!

There’s always a first time.

DH turned down the A/C, and we went to supper. I never know if it’s turn down, or up. He set it to get cooler.

Popeye’s- yoo hoo!! Love that Lou-se-anna chicken!! And they had some mighty tasty raspberry cream pies, too!

Back to the room, where we sweated for about 2 hours. But I kept myself entertained, by taking pix!!

I thought it was so hilarious, I was texting everybody!!

The pink bedspread is not so bad. But look at this!

The walls are mint green! Oh yuck!! Y’all know how much I hate green!! At least when I go to sleep, I won’t have to see it anymore!!

Behind my head;

All this pink and green is about to make me gag!!

I’m not sure if you can see it clearly, but the tiles are pink, and green!! And that sink cut out is hilarious!!

HOW do they fix the toilet??? If you started with me, from my first blog, then you know I ALWAYS have toilet troubles!! And no different, it wouldn’t flush. sigh Why would I think a motel toilet would be any different?? I figured out a way to deal with it, I only had to use it 14x or so, during the night. (Could we please figure out a way for women with big babies to not have to go every hour?? Please????)

At least they were consistent with their color scheme! Points for that!

I texted DD1 the pix, and she asked where we were staying. I answered with the town name. Her answer was; I doubt the motel is named that. Oh! You wanted the name of the motel! lol I said it was Ye Old Holiday Inn. That wasn’t the name either, but I couldn’t remember, so close enough.

Don’t worry, little eyes, we won’t ever stay there again!!

So, we went to the girls, visited, and lived happily ever after…

Until we had to leave in 6 hours…. then I cried allllll the way home.

(OK, I can not figure out how to make the color stay the same, and every time I highlight the text, the color thing disappears…. ERGH!! So, sorry, but this is the way it is today. I’ll work on it more later!)

Blog Blah Blocking

I think I just may be getting over my not-wanting-to-blogitis!! Finally! Man, it was a virulant strain!! I was so sick with it!

But, last weekend, when DH and I went up to see the girls, I felt the first stirrings of wellness overcome me!!

The hotel we were in, was straight outta the 50s, or 60s!! The whole decor was pastel pink, and mint green! Yuck!! Gave me the shudders! But, it was soooo bad, I just sat down and started writing!

I will post about it soon. I sent pix to DD1, and Sis. I think I heard them retching, over text! For realz!

You’ll see!

Hey, Dolly, and Kristy, thanks so much for the encouragement, and love!! It’s returned 1,000 fold!! ❤


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