Fri evening, after the girls left with their dad, I was whining to DD1, about Always hurting. Whining to someone who can barely get out of bed?? Selfish much??

I’m just so over it. I want to start whacking off body parts!! I’m tired of the pain!! The pain adds to my depression, which adds to the pain, which adds to the depression…. And, not to mention the anxiety eating me alive at times.

If I didn’t have God to cling onto, I’d have offed myself decades ago. Trust me, I’d made many a plan.

DD1 is such a good cheerleader! She reminds me I have valid reasons for the pain, I’m not just whining for pity’s sake.

Somehow we got on the subject of car wrecks. And I said, “Oh, no wonder I hurt all the time! I’ve had about 11!” Then started counting.

  1. Almost 5, Dad spun out, made 3 donuts, almost hit a pole. Technically it wasn’t a car wreck, but it threw me all around the car.
  2. 5, I was across and down the street, looking at some horses. Dad called, I turned around to come, saw cars, so went back to horse watching. Dad hollered again. This time I knew my butt would be in a sling, so I turned, and blindly ran. Smack dab into a car door. The handle broke my nose. Plus the eye patch was so sporty, afterwards!!
  3. 11, was in the back of my cousin’s car. We didn’t see the car parked directly in the road, since it was a dark, country night. Did you not have your lights on?? I don’t know! I was 11, and yakking my head off!!
  4. Still 11, still in neck brace, some kid named Bobby, thought it would be hilarious!! to pull my chair out from under me, as I sat down. I wish we had known then that you could sue people!!
  5. Gave myself a break for a few years… 17, just had gotten my mom’s old car. Spun out in the sugar sand, and smacked a huge oak tree!! Fat lip, and neck brace once again. This time I made it a fashion statement tho! I bought a bunch of socks, in different shades of purple. Cut each one up, for a brace cover. Voila! I was hurting, but my outfits sure coordinated!!
  6. 21, got off work, tired as all get out, and drove to Joyous’ house for the week end. Yeah, tired driving es NO bueno!! Couldn’t pay the ticket, cuz I had to quit work. Bye, bye license.
  7. 22, dark night, NYE, with my boyfriend, later husband, Sweet Friend. It was raining, and he was so tired, he asked me to drive. I still was license-less from exactly a year ago! To the day!!
  8. Once I got pregnant, I was a MUCH more careful driver! No wrecks with girls in the car. Whew!! But, went to work in Tampa, and of course, had a wreck. NOT my fault this time!! Hurray!! Still a neck brace, tho.
  9. About 18 months later, another big, not my fault smack. Beginning to hate chiropractors’ offices, and even driving, at this point!

Well, I thought it was about 11, anyway. Am I forgetting any??

Well, as a matter of fact, yes. Today Mama told me, “What about the time I hit the curb, and you flew out the door, onto the road?” Whaaaaa??? I had no conscious memory of that one!

It really does seem as if there were a few more. But those 10 are plenty enough reasons why my neck, and back always hurt!!

Oh yeah, not to mention my 3 full out face plants, in the last 8 years. The 2nd one broke a few vertebrae.

Okay, so #4, was not a car wreck, it just had the same effect as 1.

And my large bosoms, which add to the neck, and back pain in a mighty way!!

So, when I say I’m hurting people, I’m NOT kiddin!!

Can we please skip the recitation of your arthritis ills today?? Please?? Alright, fine.


When Venus from Midlife Cat Lady saw this pic, she said, “I have one of those too! We should make a post of us wearing them!”

So here you are, Venus! I just wish my hair had been purple in my pic, too!! Well, since you can’t see my head at all, it doesn’t matter then! lol

And this is my beautiful friend, Venus.


We’re so cute!


BTW, Venus, I had that exact same couch when I lived alone! That’s funny!

If you and a friend have matching shirts, I wanna see ’em!! C’mon, show and tell!!

Props to Venus for suggesting this post! Thank ya girl! Since you keep helping me, we might have to start a blog together!!

Patriots & Presidents

Today is Sunday the 12th, but I just couldn’t post yesterday.

No one over the age of 10, probably, will ever forget 9/11/2001. It’s a day that lives in infamy. The horror….

But I love how we responded!! The next day, everyone had their flags flying high! We are all Americans! The unity was a wonderful thing to see and experience. That’s what we need today; unity.

We have let the demons rule us too long. We’ve been complacent.

President Trump woke us up!! He united 85 million of us!!

The way we know he is right, is how the “elites” treated him, and us. When the demons fight you as hard as they are now; we know we are in the right!! Demons don’t fight their own!!

When I say demons, I am NOT referring to every day democrats. I’m referring to the leaders who have been eating us alive for too many years. As evidenced by their actions, Hello Ped0 J0e, I’m talking to you, traitor!! The so called “elites”, according to themselves, actually HATE you and I, and America. They just want us here, so they can suck our very life blood, and from our children literally.

I don’t know what they think is gonna happen, if they manage to destroy us, then who are they gonna feast off of??

Thank God we have President Trump!! He is not a politician. He acts outside the good ole boy system. He actually LOVEs America! What a concept for a leader!

I truly believe he is still fighting for us, behind the scene. He didn’t abandon us. But the sleepy sheep needed to see exactly how bad the demons really are. Everyone KNOWS President Trump won the election. It’s been proven.

The demons, and their minions, the “news media” are paid to keep the knowledge from the masses. Truth always comes to light. We the Patriots, and President Trump will triumph! God is on our side, because we are following Him, in truth.

Take heart Patriots!!

John 16:33 Jesus spoke these words:
These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have over come the world

Clothes Clutch

Ok! Thanks, Venus! That suggestion is working really well!!

Now, the next problem: sigh You always seem to have 1 more… then 1 more.. Well, that’s life! Jesus said;

John 16:33 “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. Ithe world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

Problems are a normal part of the fallen human condition. Everybody has ’em!!

Alright, what is it this time? It’s about uniforms still. STILL??

Well, not just uniforms, exactly, about clothes in general. And??? You’re tired of wearing them??

Well, yes I am, but that’s not it. (Exasperated) WHAT???? IS.IT.THIS.TIME??

Sorry!! Quit hollerin at me! (Deep breath) Ok, sorry. But if you don’t say it this time, I’m gonna slap you upside the head!

I get really aggravated, because the girls’ clothes seem to disappear in thin air! I keep tellin them to put dirties in the black hamper, which is conveniently right in front of the washer. Maybe there’s a black hole in the middle of the house?? Maybe the apartment got relocated in the Bermuda Triangle in the middle of the night??


Ok, you tell them what to do. They know where, and how to do it. What’s the problem? Getting them to actually DO it!!

Sounds like a discipline problem to me…. Ok, then what method do you suggest I use to discipline them with?? Can’t spank, cuz of the abuse they went thru… nagging never works… See my dilemma here? Yeah….

Maybe a basketball hoop over the hamper?? Negative. They have shown ZERO interest in sports. Well, what have they shown interest in? Petting the cats…

! white, 1 sorta grayish, and 1 almost black; close enough!

I guess we can’t put the cats in the hamper, and they get extra cuddle time, if they put their clothes in the hamper?? Umm, I’m thinkin SPCA, or Mommy, or both, might have a teensy bit of a problem with that! Yep, big ole N to the ope, there!!

Let them run outta clean clothes, and just rewear dirty?? Oh yeah, right. We’ve already been investigated once by DCF, [ thanks to their i. dad], and they found all the charges were made up. I don’t think we’d slide by so easily with that one!

Uh, let them run outta clean clothes and go na DON’T EVEN SAY what you’re thinkin!! That’s an even BIGGER negatory there!! Even tho they might enjoy it, NO!!

Well, what else are they interested in?? PP is addicted to Minecraft. And for CC, it’s glitter. I see, hmm let me think…


I don’t suppose you would turn the hamper into a part of the Minecraft game? Like, how would that even work?? How do I know?? I’m just supposed to think of suggestions, it’s your job to work out how!

N.O! So, I guess that also means CC couldn’t dip all her clothes in glitter, if they make it into the hamper??

[Infuriated look]

Well, I’m slap outta ideas then. You’re on your own now!

Ooooh, Venus!!! Girl, we gotta talk….


Venus, from Midlife Cat Lady, gave me a great idea!!

In Little LitanyI was complaining about little fashion “stiva”, always pitching fits about her uniform bottoms.

And I asked for HELP!!

Venus suggested I leave out the bottom piece, from the daily clothing bundles. Genius!! Why didn’t I think of that?? Um, cuz your brain doesn’t work as well as it used to???

So, the new routine will be: make PP’s bundles as usual, and only bundle the undies, shirt, and sox for CC. Then she can choose her bottom, a la carte.

YAY!! One more stress removed from my back!!

Thank you SO MUCH, Venus! I really appreciate the help!! ❤

Little Litany

Welcome to today’s menu of rants.

Would you like;

  1. Little one?

Large one?

Or super size it??

Today is chef’s choice. Little one it is. Since it’s about the littlest, CC.

How to show you her, without showing you her????

It’s a conundum alright!
Pretty close!! For a stock image.

Ok, now that we got that solved, onto the rant.

It’s about clothes; Uniform bottoms, in particular.

First: Background.

I learned from a Mommy blog 2 years ago, to bundle each day’s outfits. Works perfectly!! Quite a sanity saver!! With so much already missing, I have to do everything possible to preserve what’s left!!

So, that’s what I do, daily.

Last week, CC was given an uniform bundle, which contained a skort. No!! She rejected it loudly. “Skorts are stupid!! I’m never wearing them again!!”

So, I went into slight panic mode, scrambling to find a pair of shorts. Which were jean shorts. NO!! She had told me last week, THEY were stupid!! (Sometimes I only get 1 or 2 bundles together on Sunday nights. This oughta teach me!!)

Finally got ahold of some khaki shorts. Whew!! They were acceptable to the princess.

I made 3 bundles yesterday. All with khaki shorts.

They were unacceptable! “These shorts are stupid!! I’m never gonna wear them again!!”

WHAAAAA?? I’m done! Just can not handle it anymore!! Went back to bed. Pop finally found a skort, in the clean laundry hamper. So, the diva finished dressing, and went off to school.

After all, she had already told us: “I’m a fashion “stiva!” (Rymes with diva.)

sigh…. That leaves me in a difficult sitch. Do I make up 15 bundles each week, just for her??? 5- khaki shorts 5- jean shorts 5- skorts???

Do I just dress her in whatever, and carry her to school screaming like a bansheee???

Do I hypnotize her to accept whatever she’s dressed in, as whatever she wanted to wear that day??

Do I just stay in bed forever, and give up??


No Net

Last Fri, Aug 20th, after the girls left, DD1 and I were napping. BOOM!! We both probably jumped a foot off the bed!!

Accompanied by a huge flash of lightening! After yelling at each other, to make we were both alive!! Good news- we were! 😉 We just went back to sleep.

When we woke up- tragedy!! The internet was out!!

The light in the hall was blown, the bathroom light, and the GFI in the bathroom. Turns out, we had been directly hit with lightening!!

The maintenance guy came Mon, fixed the GFI, and light in bathroom. Then he had to come back the next day. That’s when we found out the GFI in the kitchen had blown too. Slight clue y’all don’t step foot in the kitchen!! True.

AND DD1’s Kuerig got it in the neck too!!

Aww, poor widdle coffe pot!

She said, “WWAAAHH!!” Big flood of tears!!

That same day, Mon., the internet guy brought a new modem, and router. So, DD1’s WIFI was restored. My computer, directly CAT 5’vd, couldn’t get on the web. WHAAAA??

My color!! SW bought this for me 4 years ago. Gonna keep it always!

It took until Sat. night, when PopPop, (Sweet Friend), came over, to get it fixed. The cable had conducted the lightening surge, traveled down the CAT 5 cable, and fried the little card, at that outlet. Of course, can’t remember what he said was the name of the card. But, I don’t care!! I have my beloved web access back!!

For 8 whole days, I’d been netless!! It was horrible!!

May you never experience the horror yourself!!

Complete Computer

Lightening struck our apt 8 days ago, and I just now got my net restored!! I’ve been so unhappy, and aimless!! It blew out the GFI in the bathroom, and the light in the hall. And the GFI by the stove, and DD1’s Keurig. She WAS not happy about that!! No coffee for you!

Thank you, Sweet Friend!! So happy I have a computer tech guy on call!! lol

So, I finally have all my lifelines back!! Could NOT remember ANY of my passwords, so nothing. People would ask, “Did you see so and so, on FB?” NO, if you will remember I DON”T HAVE NET!!”

Now, life can begin again!!

I did go over to SF’s twice. There was stuff that had to be done for Sis.

So, now I’ll be up all night, catching up! lol Nope, you promised PP you’d go to church as a family tomorrow, remember??

Ok, Nagatha!! Good night. Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!!

Daily Do

Here it is 1:55 pm, Thursday, August 19, 2021. And the girls will be home in 1 hour, and 5 min. Unless DH takes them to the museum, like I asked. We shall see. And what have I done? Not much. Ate twice. We know you never miss a meal!! Shut up, skinny girl that I swallowed!! Started 1 load of laundry. Read FB. Not much, in other words.

I need to update y’all. I don’t think I’ve talked about the court hearing. Have I? Maybe you need to go check?? Ding it! I hate not having a search feature!! Then you need to learn how to add 1. I know it! Quit nagging me! BRB, going to check.

Nope, I haven’t. Okay, the first court hearing was August 5th, by zoom. And unbelievably, the judge ordered their i. dad to have alternating weekends, starting the next day!!

We were all 4 at the museum, when I found out. I was crying so hard, I nearly lost my breath. When I had to tell the girls, I thought I’d die from pain. Mine, and theirs on top. They did NOT want to go to him. They brought up the fact that we had promised them, they’d never have to go back.

DD1 and I talked to them when we got home. Sadly, we had to explain that Mommy had done ALL she could to keep them from going back to even visit. After their passionate exclaimations that they just wouldn’t go! We had to explain, Mommy would go to jail for contempt of court, if they didn’t. That hurt too, having to put adult stresses on them.

So, resignedly, with drooping heads, they went.

When we picked them up Sunday evening, PP’s face was burnt so badly, we had to take her to the Dr, for prescription cream. Well, we were gonna take them anyway, for school physicals.

Poor baby, was in a lot of pain. She couldn’t even wear her glasses for 8 days.

Now, here it is Thur, and they have to go again tomorrow.


PP asked her Mommy to let her talk to the judge, and explain they didn’t want to go back. Unhappily, she couldn’t. DD1 had already asked the judge, and they said 8 was too little to pick where she wanted to live. WHAT?? Meanwhile in other places 4 yo are allowed to pick their gender??? Crazy mixed up world, this is.

Final hearing is end of Sept. I’m praying to God the judge will make the right decision for the girls. A LOT less time with their dad!! At least since they’re now in school, I don’t think they would be ordered to move up there full time.

Oh, yes, almost forgot. He refused to give them their meds. He doesn’t “believe” in pyschiatry. And PP “isn’t” autistic. Poor babies! I really don’t see how they coped the whole last year. They are strong girls!!

The only good thing about them going up there is, I get to go to my new church for Sunday School, where my Sissy teaches. I always enjoy her lessons. Then we leave immediately after, to go get the girls.

Last time, I rented a car, since 2 of ours were in need of repair. And I certainly was NOT about to try to go up in the KIA!!

Ours is NOT 2020!

It was a 7 passenger Highlander. STILL not big enough! lol We need a tour bus, apparently! Built in beds, and potty. Fridge for our very important drinks, and snax!!

But now the van, and truck are both fixed . Woohoo! So, van it will be.

Yep, it’s a 1999, but it still runs!!

Cuz all 5 of us can’t fit in the truck either. Well, technically, I guess. But my butt dimensions do not allow for that!

See ya next week. Maybe I’ll do something besides laundry?? Time will tell…

Oh wait!! I did pray for people, and read 2 chapters in Psalms. That is a good day’s work for me.

(Also ordered flowers for my friend in the hospital, recovering from surgery.)

Ya did alright girl. You’ll do.

Silly Sibs

Isn’t Bubba handsome? 😉

The mask is a good look. That way he can’t argue with us!! lol

I think this is last year, at Outback, for Mama’s 78th birthday.

Younger days!!

I think this is approx. 1973 or 1974. You think Sissy looks 4 or 5?? I’m 12, if it’s 1973, or 13 if it’s 1974. Bubba would be 9, or 10. There I am, not a happy camper.

Ain’t we cute?? Correct answer: YES!! Even tho I’m frowning. My usual look as a tween, and teen, until I lost some weight, and got a boyfriend!! Then all smiles at school!! 🙂

Awww!! So stinkin cute!!

Well, no, this is definitely age 4, so the one with all 5 of us, has to be older. Maybe only a year, true.

Ok, finally time to publish this, before we all are another year older! ❤

PS; Happy Birthday, Sis!!

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