Since the girls had to stay home for their granddad’s service, I’m feeling very blue.

I have a UTI, and low potassium, as well as dehydrated. So, not a happy day overall.

But! I do have the meds now, so looking upwards. Having to force water down my throat. Not supposed to do Coke. sh! You don’t see this one in my hands!! I already drank 3 whole water bottles today!! whine…..

Any suggestions for drinks?? Naw to Gatorades , can’t stand the salty taste.

Maybe I need to do some pink lemonade.

Melody’s instructions for adding search bar are here. I keep going back to them. But maybe I’ll do better when my fluids are all ok!! Plus, I did do 25 minutes in the sun, with water at hand. Just keep chugging along…..


We made tie dye T-shirts last week with a friend. The girls met her at Grandmama’s birthday bash.

Here’s the dye, well, part of it…

We had a total of 18 bottles. Too many!!

CC’s result:

I guess I’ll upload PP’s, and my result later.

Mine. Duh!! lol


PP’s tie dye.

I know this will be a repeat craft later!! We all 3 enjoyed, plus my friend, and P. the girls’ friend did too! When everyone likes it, do it again!!

Silky Sand

We went to Aunt Pat’s to do sand art. She supplies everything,

the girls bring fingers, and brains!! Lot of imagination at work!

CC’s work.

PP just took off working things out for herself!!

Self taught, PP’s work.

CC listens to Aunt Pat, and follows her directions. PP just took off, and worked stuff out in her head!! These girls amaze me!

Thank you, Aunt Pat!! A fun time was had by all!!

Her turtle painting.

God is a great artist in nature, my girls are great artists in sand!

Sassy Sink

More cleaning!! Man, I’m on a roll!! Pretty soon, it’s gonna be 1 thing a week!! (And the whole house yells, “We can only hope so!” Quiet, peanut gallery!!

Well, I have proof there were dirty dishes!! Where’s the clean proof??

Oops!! I was so anxious for DH to fry up some eggs and sausage, I didn’t take an “after”. But it’s dirty again now. You could wash, then photograph it.

What?? And make myself have to clean 4 or 5x next month?? Do you know me?? (dryly) Since I AM you, yes, I do.

Beer Bash

Since July 1 is my 29th anniversary of being sober, I thought I’d tell the story of why I never drank beer.

When I was 13, I was visiting my Aunt Katie, and Uncle James. Somehow he spilled almost a half can of beer on me. I was horrified!! Reeking of beer, I knew my @$$ was grass, and Dad was gonna mow it. So I begged Aunt Katie to ask me to spend the night, so I’d have time to shower, and wash my outfit, which she gladly did.

Ever since that night, I’ve despised the smell of beer. With good reason!

Congrats to me for being sober so long!! Well, not really. God delivered me!! And He’s the one who keeps me sober, day by day.

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