Domestic Damage

Caralyn, from Beauty Beyond Bones, reminded me October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

National Domestic Violence Hotline1-800-799-7233

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Free. Confidential. 24/7.

Sadly, I’m all too aware of the devastation people suffer from domestic violence. My dad abused Mama, as well as my brother, and I.

Michelle, the baby, was his princess. So, she escaped. Plus, the fact that we 3 conspired to always protect her, as I’ve mentioned before. (In my previous blog.)

Then, my second husband, Bobby, was very emotionally and verbally abusive.

I thought he was the most handsome man in the world! IF you don’t, please don’t tell me!

Ok, back to Caralyn’s post, about Gabby Petito.

Here’s my comment;

“Dog usually gets his man. I have faith in him getting the job done. They don’t call him Dog for nuttin!
I survived severe emotional, and verbal abuse in my second marriage. It’s awful to say, but I thank God he died of cancer shortly after our wedding. We had a total of 3 1/2 years together, but he was in jail for the middle 2 years of it. If he hadn’t died, I really dread to think of what the outcome would have been. But he got saved in jail, so I have confidence he’s in heaven. After his death, his adult son asked how I’d dealt with the physical abuse. I said, “WHAT??” He had abused physically all his other 5 wives. (Also a caution if he’s divorced 5 times! The only common denominator there is him!!) The first time he raised his fist to me, I told him I’d punch him in the stomach so hard, it would split him open, and I’d make sure he never got up again. I was 100 lbs, and 6 inches taller. Plus he’d been hit by a semi, so his guts were held together by surgical mesh. He thought about it for a second, went outside and punched a hole in our trailer siding. Thank God I never allowed myself to be physically abused. Probably because of my large size. But words still leave gaping wounds. They just aren’t visible.
Women need to pay attention to their family’s reactions, and cautions! I didn’t, to my sorrow. If you dread introducing him to family, cuz you fear they won’t like him, PLEASE stop and think!! Your intuition has a good reason for that hesitancy!! And if your family is concerned, there’s good reasons for that too!! <3″

Also, I set a horrible example for my 2 girls. They saw how he treated me, and he yelled at them too. So, that behavior was normalized. Thank God, DD1 was aware he was wrong, and moved out after a little over a year.

Still, she was so horribly emotionally, and verbally abused by a boyfriend later, then her husband, she now has to deal with PTSD, as do I.

We need to show our children that being abused is wrong. They need to know we will always be there for them! As teens, we need to monitor their friends, and then romantic interests! Make sure you spend enough time around them as a couple, so that you can see warning signs, when they pop up.

Our daughters, nieces, cousins, friends, etc, need to know they don’t have to live like that!! There is help!! Of course, the best way is to never get in the situation in the first place. But, abusers usually are so slick, and charming, that we can’t see the demon under the surface!!

Please, if you are being abused, reach out!!

If you know someone is being abused, reach out to them. Offer help, and a safe space, love, and encouragement.

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Free. Confidential. 24/7.

I did just say girls. But one of Caralyn’s commenters chewed her about only talking about girls. Well, naturally she was talking about girls being abused, since she was discussing Gabby Petito. But, the mean person did have a point. Some boys/men are abused as well. I never knew that till I was an adult.

No person, big or small, male or female, should have to endure abuse of any kind. I wonder if that kind of loving world will ever exist. Human nature being what it is, I can’t see it ever happening.

PP’s Protestation

PP has been repeatedly, and on the daily, declaring her intention to not leave this house. She is determined to live with us forever, despite her dad and the judge. Today, she said, “I don’t care if Daddy spanks me even, I’m not leaving.”

It breaks my heart!!

I just now saw the 2 faces in that shape. Do you see them??

But what can I do?? Legally, nothing.

I said, “Well, maybe I could make a doll of you, put a speaker in her, and you can talk thru your phone!” You should have seen the joy of hope that immediately shone out of her face! I instantly felt like a rat fink, for falsely raising her hopes like that. That was so wrong of me.

Shamefaced, I said, “Darlin, you know Omie couldn’t really make a doll like that, right?? I was just trying to help you think of something we could do. I’m so sorry. I wish a million times, that you could stay here too.

Her answer? “Try, Omie! Try!”

“Baby doll, I couldn’t make a doll that would fool your daddy for even 1 second. I don’t want to get you in trouble.” (I know him. He is very vindictive. But, since he won, DD1 and he did have an amicable conversation. So, maybe there is hope.)

I’ll just have to keep emphasizing that she’ll be back in 2 weeks, for a whole weekend. Every 2 weeks!! Also, we get half of school holidays!! And love her up, hug and kiss her as much as she craves, while she’s here. Both the girls, not just PP, but CC too. (Nothing at all like the pure torture of all last year. When he and his mother purposely kept the girls away from us, and would NOT let us take the girls off their property. That was just plain spitefulness, and to be hateful. DD1 is their mother!!)

And try to hold back my tears, till they drive away. I do not need to add the burden , and weight of my sorrow to hers.

Oh God!! Please let him get sick of playing daddy!! Let him willingly turn the girls back to our primary custody!! And/or go to jail!! Whichever would come first!!

Lumbar Lesions

Well, now that I’ve calmed down a LOT!! from the custody decision, I decided to turn my attention back to my fall, and the CAT report.



  1. Mild facet arthrosis in the lower lumbar spine.

Facet arthrosis is a degenerative spinal condition like arthritis in which bony enlargements, called osteophytes or bone spurs, grow and enlarge the facet joints. 

Ok, so I already knew I have really severe back pain. Now, I know 1 more reason for it. It also says the pain gets worse when walking. So, when anyone doubts me, when I want to use a scooter, should I carry this report around with me, as a “Pain Passport”?? Rosemary gave me a scooter, but I don’t have a carrier, installed. So, the only way I can take it, is if DH loads it in his 12ft trailer. Very inconvenient for parking!! But, he doesn’t want a carrier to be put on his hitch, because he uses the trailer so often, to haul metal. DD1’s van is low to the ground, and we were given a manual carrier. I’m pretty sure it would work, once we got a trailer hitch.

The other problem is even getting the scooter out of the house, in the first place! lol The threshold is at least 3 inches above the sidewalk. So, I won’t just be driving off that cliff anytime soon! When Rosemary brought it to me, she put a board there, as a temp ramp. But we still had to put it in push mode. Then both of us were about to die from pain- just pushing it 4 inches!! The next time, when I tried to use the board, it broke. So waaahh, waaahh, waahh.

2. There is a lytic lesion seen in the L1 vertebral body measuring 1.5 cm extending to the inferior endplate and disrupting the cortex.

Also known as bone lesions or osteolytic lesions, lytic lesions are spots of bone damage that result from cancerous plasma cells building up in your bone marrow. Your bones can’t break down and regrow (your doctor may call this remodel) as they should. This makes them thin and creates areas of weaker bones that are vulnerable to fractures.

Published September 28, 2017 by PUP

Prominent Symptoms Of Lytic Bone Lesions: Causes & Treatment

Lytic bone lesion is a general term used when the bone becomes extremely weak by a disease. Normal bone tissue constantly gets remodeling and repaired from time to time. Lytic lesion of bone is an area where the bone appears to have been eaten away. There are several diseases that can cause destruction of bone area. It can be caused due to malignancy or benign condition.

The three characteristic symptoms of any osteoltyic bone lesions are moderate to severe (mine’s severe) bone pain, pathologic fracture and high level of calcium in blood. It can also increase the risk of spinal cord fractures.

3. Additional lesion is seen at the superior endplate of L2.

Thankfully, I already have a Dr. visit scheduled for Tue. Hopefully, we can schedule the follow up CAT scan very soon. Slightly worried here. Well, it takes your focus off not having the girls full time, doesn’t it?? Certainly does!! I guess that’s a good thing??? I’d much rather still be focused on that, than this, thank you very much.

God will help me, no doubt. And I know God can heal me, if He chooses. He has healed me other times.

Sample- NOT MINE

Sample- NOT mine.

Psalm 6:2Have mercy upon me, O Lord; for I am weak: O Lord, heal me; for my bones are vexed.

Wow!! If that isn’t the exact perfect verse, for my situation!! The Bible has principles for every situation. Our answers to life’s biggest questions are there! We just have to look, and ask God for wisdom to understand.

Contentious Custody

Yesterday, Wed. DD1 received the letter from the judge.

I almost ran into her room with it, after DH handed it to me.

She had to read down to the bottom of the 2nd page, till she got to the decision.

Y’all, I’m heartbroken. I ran to my room, and threw myself down on the bed, screaming, “NNOOOO!!!! Why God?? I don’t understand!! NNOOOOO!!” And cried until I was almost sick.


I do not understand!! How can a convicted SEX OFFENDER get custody?? How can a REPEAT FELON get custody??

The reasons given were: 1.She can’t take care of them herself, since she’s disabled. And #2, she has no income.

Just because she has limitations doesn’t mean she’s not a good mother!! Motherhood isn’t just cooking, and doing laundry!!

Of course
I said more to God, but don’t need to repeat it all here.

I went back to her room, and held onto her, as we cried together.

When the girls got home from school, it was so hard to look into their innocent faces. They saw the letter, knew it was from the judge somehow. Probably from y’alls long , tear stained faces.

They said, “Daddy and Angela get us?” Bless their hearts, they knew.

They cried, and said, “We don’t want to go! We want to stay here, Mommy!! We want to stay here with you, Omie!”

Of course, that’s the same exact thing we want. And it’s cruel that none of us get what we want.

Now they have to go thru more time away from us. But at least, he can’t keep them away from us!! From last June, 2020, until May 2021, we weren’t allowed to take them off their property, or have them overnight. It was astonishing to me. But, since they had physical custody, we didn’t want to cut off our noses to spite our faces, so we didn’t make a huge scene.

Thank God, they will be with us every other weekend, and half school vacations.

I really thought we’d get to keep them. I thought, Surely she won’t make them change schools. Well, I was wrong.

PP has already asked when she’d be old enough to say where she wants to live. “12 years old.” “Then, just as soon as I turn 12, I’m gonna tell the judge I want to live with you.” Please God grant that petition!! Only 4 more years.

I hope all of our hearts can take it that long.

He gets them this weekend, then they come home for 2 weeks. We have to surrender them up there Oct. 15. It feels more like we’re leading lambs to the slaughter. I pray to God that they can be able to adjust, and not grieve themselves sick. Us too.

Due to the depth of my grieving, I might not post, or read y’alls blogs for a while. I’ll be back when I can.

Divided Decision

Sept. 23 was supposed to be the final hearing, divorce and custody.

Well, they did get divorced. But the judge didn’t make the final custody decision, because their i. dad had filed about 100 pages of exhibits. So, she said it would take her about 2 or 3 days to read thru them all.

Everything she asked, DD1 and he agreed on, 1. Consult each other on major decisions- schools, etc. 2. Decide on holidays together, just make sure they both get equal time. Other stuff that I don’t remember.

I was just waiting with baited breath, for the final results, which never came.

But, after hearing the judge talk, I was so much easier in my mind. She seemed very fair, and balanced. Several things which i. dad thought was a huge problem, she didn’t. Thank God she has children!

So, still waiting. She will send DD1, and him notices of the final decision. If we don’t get it by Fri, they are to go up there as previously ordered.

Y’all, I’m just trusting in the Lord.

Jeremiah 29:11King James Version

11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

Bold highlights are mine.

I know God loves them infinitely more than I do. And He wants them to be healthy, mentally, physically, emotionally, and most importantly Spiritually. So, I just have to believe He will award primary custody to DD1.

But, I’m human, and have anxiety. Which I know is NOT what God wants for me. I don’t know what else to do. I pray, I read my Bible. I take my medicine. So, sometimes I still wring my hands, and cry myself sick, worrying.

1 Peter 5:7
Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

Then, I turn my face back to God, repent of my worry, which is a sin, and ask Him to help me trust Him more.

Matthew 6:25-34
Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment? Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they? Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature? ..

Soon, all this uncertainty will be over. Then we will deal with the situation, if it’s different than what we pray for.

Frail Friday

Today is Saturday, 9/25/2021.

And ya wanna know something ironic??

But of course they do! That’s why they follow you so breathlessly!

Yesterday, I…… wait for it……. fell. Yup. Sure enough! I got up around 1 pm, I think it was, cuz PP stayed up till around 11, talking my ear off. Not that you need any excuse to sleep late!

Thankfully, I went potty first thing. Then I heard a knock on the door. Answering it, I found our grocery delivery. So, I got a metal frame chair, sat in the doorway, and pulled in all the frozen, and cold items. When I was finished, I tried to push the chair back a bit, so I could get up. Instead, the chair had other ideas, and I went down. Our tile floors are not very even, so probably the leg caught on the lip of one. And the back legs bent all the way back. That poor chair will never be the same! 1 more piece of metal for DH to recycle!

One loud scream! PP rushed over and hugged me very gently, saying, “I love you, Omie!!” I love you too baby.

It took a few hours, ok, minutes, for DD1 to come out of her room. “Who screamed??” As she rounded the hall corner, she said, “Oh, it was you , Mama.”

What was your first clue?? Sorry, that was snarky.

Thank GOD!! PP’s huge floor pillow was right there, and my right shoulder and head landed there. God is so good to me!!

CC came in, and gasped seeing me on the floor. “Are you ok, Omie?” Not really, baby, no.

Could someone please call 911????

PP grabbed her phone, that she had dropped, and dialed 9-1-1. It doesn’t even have cell service, so DD1 was astonished that the call went thru. (Any charged up phone will make that emergency call, service or no.) She said, “My grandma fell, and she can’t get up.” Oh no!! I’ve become a commercial!

She didn’t remember our address, so she handed the phone to Mommy. (We gotta work on that!) I made the mistake of saying, “Hand me a croissant, I’m hungry!” The dispatcher heard me, dang it! “Absolutely DO NOT give her anything to eat or drink!!” Man, me and my big mouth!! I should have whispered it!

The paramedics were here really fast!! And they pulled the chair out from under my butt. At least that felt better!! Wonder if I had stripes on my backside?? No one checked, dang it!

They immediately put the cervical collar on me. Hello, old friend, wish I’d never have had to see you again!

Then they asked, if I could sit up, against the wall. Ummm, did you not see me sprawled out on the floor, when you came in???

They helped me scooch a few inches, and pulled me up to a sitting position.

Then, they had the nerve to ask, whether I wanted to go to the hospital or not!! Uh, no, I think I’ll go for a jog around the lake, instead. ARGH!!

“Can you get up, and walk to the stretcher??” If looks could kill…..

So, it was decided I needed a back board. Roll over! Roll over!

I chose to go to the hospital a little further away, cuz that’s where all my records are, plus, I know they handle stuff quickly! I’d never been to the closest one, and I was NOT in the mood to wait around for hours!!

As they were wheeling me out, I asked if any of them were Christians. They all said no, so I gave a quick Gospel message. I want to make sure I take as many people with me to heaven, as I can!!

The ride was a … not gonna say what first came to mind!! But I screamed several times, over the bumps. WHY do ambulances NOT have smooth shocks????

I was immediately put in a room, and transferred to bed. Well, bed might be stretching it a bit. More like a gurney. But it had rails!! I wouldn’t be falling out of it!!

Nurse came in, and hooked me up to stuff. Do you know they now have a system called Pure Flow, something like that?? It’s an external catheter thing, with gentle suction! The inventor deserves a billion dollars!! Seriously!! (Purewick, now available for home!! I WILL be getting one of them!! As fast as I can grab DH’s credit card!!)

One-time Buy

$712.89/ca Less than a thousand!! Come to Mama!!! No more diapers!!


The nurse said the man that invented it, did so because wife was in hospice, and kept getting infections from the catheters. Why did it take till 2020 to invent this??? Proof that men don’t care about women’s issues!! Until it’s their mother, wife, or daughter. But why didn’t a woman invent it decades ago?? Well, you didn’t either, so shut up. Yes, ma’am!

Ok, sorry, got a little distracted there. But, if you’re a woman, you’ll understand the huge significance of this break through!!

I asked for pain meds. The Dr. came in and said, “Well, we were gonna give you morphine, but I see you’re allergic.” That’s exactly WHY I wanted to go to LRMC!!!

Instead, in a little bit, they come in with a Percocet PILL!!!

I said, “Seriously???? I’m strapped to a back board, with a neck brace, and you expect me to swallow a PILL?? ‘Fraid I can’t do that, without choking to death. I’d rather not today! I asked for a Dilaudid shot. The Dr. came back in and said, “We can’t do that. Why would you need such a powerful med like that?”

“Because I am in #11 pain!! And that’s always the shot I get when I fall. NOT a PILL!!”

Nope, can’t do that. But they were gonna give me morphine!! And now Dilaudid is too strong?? Am I in the Twilight Zone??

Instead they brought me a shot of Norflex. When I asked what it was in the needle, they said, “Muscle Relaxer.” BUT I NEED a PAIN SHOT!! My muscles relaxing are NOT going to take away the pain!! Trust me!! Been thru this too many times!!

Got the shot anyway. Still loudly asking for PAIN shot. Still not getting it. MAD FACE!!

Hey, lookie there! Blue eyes!! They just forgot to put in the small spot of brown, in my right eye. Otherwise, spot on!

Maybe they thought you were asking for a shot that would GIVE you pain! And they were fresh out! But of course that was it! Why didn’t I think of that??

Anyway, back to the story.

I witnessed to a bunch of people, about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Only 1 lady was saved. But now they know the way to salvation!!

X=rays. No broken bones in hip, or ankle!! Thank You God!!

Then a CAT scan.

The cleaner lady, kept going back and forth in front of my room, sweeping, and humming. I knew it was a Gospel song, just couldn’t think of the name right then. Yup! Pain’ll do that to ya! Every time she walked by, the Holy Spirit prompted me to talk to her, but I didn’t.

When the Dr. came back, she said “No broken bones anywhere!!” Thank You, Jesus! “But, you have lesions on L1, and L2. You’ll have to follow up with your Dr. and get more tests done.”

Uh, what are lesions on my spine?

“It could be different things, such as cancer.”


“No, no, don’t get upset.”


“It could be other things, cysts, or bone spurs perhaps.”

THEN WHY DID YOU LEAD WITH CANCER?? AND CAUSE ME TO PEE MY PANTS?? (Oh, yeah, I forgot the magic machine. So, I didn’t really pee my pants, just added some contents to the bag really quickly!!)

She needs a refresher course on bedside manner!! She done forgot everything they tried to teach her!!

Wishing I had my Xanax!!

Finally, she said I could take off the neck brace. Then they brought that dang Percosett pill back. Now that I could sit up!! I gobbled it down!!

Then I had to walk 3 steps. If I could bear my weight, I’d have to be admitted.

Mama arrived!! YAY!!

Sissy, Michelle, was out in the car waiting.

It took hours! Okay, 30 minutes for the nurse to bring me discharge papers. Alrighty then, ready to go!

Another lifetime before Nurse Brandon came in with a huge wheelchair, and parked it by the bed. “Go ahead and get in. I’ll be back in 2 minutes to wheel you out.”

I looked at the back of his head, in disbelief, as he tootled out the door.

Here I have a yellow FALL RISK bracelet on, and he leaves, telling me to get up, and get myself into the w/c.

Real smart, there, guy. Do I need to retrain Every Body in this place??

So, I did. And Mama timed his absence. At 22 minutes, her patience was gone!! So, I used my toes, to tippy toe out into the hall.

Remember that humming cleaning lady?? She was standing right outside my room, waiting to clean it. I said, “What were you humming? I enjoyed it.”

“A hymn.” I knew it!! I asked if she was saved. “No.” Then your Mama is, right? “Yes.” I knew it! If you’re singing hymns, and you’re not saved, your Mama is! So, I know she’s praying every day for you.

“She was, but, she’s in heaven now.” Mama told her about the golden bowls where God saves prayers.

Revelation 8:3And another angel came and stood at the altar, having a golden censer; and there was given unto him much incense, that he should offer it with the prayers of all saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne.

Psalm 56:8Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?

I can’t find the bowls right now. Ya have to have the exact phrase, on and I can’t remember it right now.

So, I asked her name, and we told her we’d be praying for her. We want her to join her Mama in heaven. And we did. And we will continue to pray for her salvation.

Finally home!! (After Sissy drove thru Steak n Shake. I was starving!! And thirsty!!)

I wore a diaper, cuz I was so exhausted, and I had been so dry almost 24 hours, so almost not even wet, when I got up!! That probably won’t happen again! lol

DH went and got my meds. Oxycodone!! That’s what I’m talking about!!

After a good night’s sleep, I do think I’ll live. But best not be writing about wrecks, and falls anymore!!

Cruel Crashes

Fri evening, after the girls left with their dad, I was whining to DD1, about Always hurting. Whining to someone who can barely get out of bed?? Selfish much??

I’m just so over it. I want to start whacking off body parts!! I’m tired of the pain!! The pain adds to my depression, which adds to the pain, which adds to the depression…. And, not to mention the anxiety eating me alive at times.

If I didn’t have God to cling onto, I’d have offed myself decades ago. Trust me, I’d made many a plan.

DD1 is such a good cheerleader! She reminds me I have valid reasons for the pain, I’m not just whining for pity’s sake.

Somehow we got on the subject of car wrecks. And I said, “Oh, no wonder I hurt all the time! I’ve had about 11!” Then started counting.

Not any of mine, thank God! BTW; the driver walked away!

  1. Almost 5, Dad spun out, made 3 donuts, almost hit a pole. Technically it wasn’t a car wreck, but it threw me all around the car.
  2. 5, I was across and down the street, looking at some horses. Dad called, I turned around to come, saw cars, so went back to horse watching. Dad hollered again. This time I knew my butt would be in a sling, so I turned, and blindly ran. Smack dab into a car door. The handle broke my nose. Plus the eye patch was so sporty, afterwards!!
  3. 11, was in the back of my cousin’s car. We didn’t see the car parked directly in the road, since it was a dark, country night. Did you not have your lights on?? I don’t know! I was 11, and yakking my head off!!
  4. Still 11, still in neck brace, some kid named Bobby, thought it would be hilarious!! to pull my chair out from under me, as I sat down. I wish we had known then that you could sue people!!
  5. Gave myself a break for a few years… 17, just had gotten my mom’s old car. Spun out in the sugar sand, and smacked a huge oak tree!! Fat lip, and neck brace once again. This time I made it a fashion statement tho! I bought a bunch of socks, in different shades of purple. Cut each one up, for a brace cover. Voila! I was hurting, but my outfits sure coordinated!!
  6. 21, got off work, tired as all get out, and drove to Joyous’ house for the week end. Yeah, tired driving es NO bueno!! Couldn’t pay the ticket, cuz I had to quit work. Bye, bye license.
  7. 22, dark night, NYE, with my boyfriend, later husband, Sweet Friend. It was raining, and he was so tired, he asked me to drive. I still was license-less from exactly a year ago! To the day!!
  8. Once I got pregnant, I was a MUCH more careful driver! No wrecks with girls in the car. Whew!! But, went to work in Tampa, and of course, had a wreck. NOT my fault this time!! Hurray!! Still a neck brace, tho.
  9. About 18 months later, another big, not my fault smack. Beginning to hate chiropractors’ offices, and even driving, at this point!

Well, I thought it was about 11, anyway. Am I forgetting any??

Well, as a matter of fact, yes. Today Mama told me, “What about the time I hit the curb, and you flew out the door, onto the road?” Whaaaaa??? I had no conscious memory of that one!

It really does seem as if there were a few more. But those 10 are plenty enough reasons why my neck, and back always hurt!!

Oh yeah, not to mention my 3 full out face plants, in the last 8 years. The 2nd one broke a few vertebrae.

Okay, so #4, was not a car wreck, it just had the same effect as 1.

And my large bosoms, which add to the neck, and back pain in a mighty way!!

So, when I say I’m hurting people, I’m NOT kiddin!!

Can we please skip the recitation of your arthritis ills today?? Please?? Alright, fine.


When Venus from Midlife Cat Lady saw this pic, she said, “I have one of those too! We should make a post of us wearing them!”

So here you are, Venus! I just wish my hair had been purple in my pic, too!! Well, since you can’t see my head at all, it doesn’t matter then! lol

And this is my beautiful friend, Venus.


We’re so cute!


BTW, Venus, I had that exact same couch when I lived alone! That’s funny!

If you and a friend have matching shirts, I wanna see ’em!! C’mon, show and tell!!

Props to Venus for suggesting this post! Thank ya girl! Since you keep helping me, we might have to start a blog together!!

Patriots & Presidents

Today is Sunday the 12th, but I just couldn’t post yesterday.

No one over the age of 10, probably, will ever forget 9/11/2001. It’s a day that lives in infamy. The horror….

But I love how we responded!! The next day, everyone had their flags flying high! We are all Americans! The unity was a wonderful thing to see and experience. That’s what we need today; unity.

We have let the demons rule us too long. We’ve been complacent.

President Trump woke us up!! He united 85 million of us!!

The way we know he is right, is how the “elites” treated him, and us. When the demons fight you as hard as they are now; we know we are in the right!! Demons don’t fight their own!!

When I say demons, I am NOT referring to every day democrats. I’m referring to the leaders who have been eating us alive for too many years. As evidenced by their actions, Hello Ped0 J0e, I’m talking to you, traitor!! The so called “elites”, according to themselves, actually HATE you and I, and America. They just want us here, so they can suck our very life blood, and from our children literally.

I don’t know what they think is gonna happen, if they manage to destroy us, then who are they gonna feast off of??

Thank God we have President Trump!! He is not a politician. He acts outside the good ole boy system. He actually LOVEs America! What a concept for a leader!

I truly believe he is still fighting for us, behind the scene. He didn’t abandon us. But the sleepy sheep needed to see exactly how bad the demons really are. Everyone KNOWS President Trump won the election. It’s been proven.

The demons, and their minions, the “news media” are paid to keep the knowledge from the masses. Truth always comes to light. We the Patriots, and President Trump will triumph! God is on our side, because we are following Him, in truth.

Take heart Patriots!!

John 16:33 Jesus spoke these words:
These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have over come the world

Clothes Clutch

Ok! Thanks, Venus! That suggestion is working really well!!

Now, the next problem: sigh You always seem to have 1 more… then 1 more.. Well, that’s life! Jesus said;

John 16:33 “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. Ithe world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

Problems are a normal part of the fallen human condition. Everybody has ’em!!

Alright, what is it this time? It’s about uniforms still. STILL??

Well, not just uniforms, exactly, about clothes in general. And??? You’re tired of wearing them??

Well, yes I am, but that’s not it. (Exasperated) WHAT???? IS.IT.THIS.TIME??

Sorry!! Quit hollerin at me! (Deep breath) Ok, sorry. But if you don’t say it this time, I’m gonna slap you upside the head!

I get really aggravated, because the girls’ clothes seem to disappear in thin air! I keep tellin them to put dirties in the black hamper, which is conveniently right in front of the washer. Maybe there’s a black hole in the middle of the house?? Maybe the apartment got relocated in the Bermuda Triangle in the middle of the night??


Ok, you tell them what to do. They know where, and how to do it. What’s the problem? Getting them to actually DO it!!

Sounds like a discipline problem to me…. Ok, then what method do you suggest I use to discipline them with?? Can’t spank, cuz of the abuse they went thru… nagging never works… See my dilemma here? Yeah….

Maybe a basketball hoop over the hamper?? Negative. They have shown ZERO interest in sports. Well, what have they shown interest in? Petting the cats…

! white, 1 sorta grayish, and 1 almost black; close enough!

I guess we can’t put the cats in the hamper, and they get extra cuddle time, if they put their clothes in the hamper?? Umm, I’m thinkin SPCA, or Mommy, or both, might have a teensy bit of a problem with that! Yep, big ole N to the ope, there!!

Let them run outta clean clothes, and just rewear dirty?? Oh yeah, right. We’ve already been investigated once by DCF, [ thanks to their i. dad], and they found all the charges were made up. I don’t think we’d slide by so easily with that one!

Uh, let them run outta clean clothes and go na DON’T EVEN SAY what you’re thinkin!! That’s an even BIGGER negatory there!! Even tho they might enjoy it, NO!!

Well, what else are they interested in?? PP is addicted to Minecraft. And for CC, it’s glitter. I see, hmm let me think…


I don’t suppose you would turn the hamper into a part of the Minecraft game? Like, how would that even work?? How do I know?? I’m just supposed to think of suggestions, it’s your job to work out how!

N.O! So, I guess that also means CC couldn’t dip all her clothes in glitter, if they make it into the hamper??

[Infuriated look]

Well, I’m slap outta ideas then. You’re on your own now!

Ooooh, Venus!!! Girl, we gotta talk….

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