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She Shops

After leaving rehab, and consuming sustenance, then, the fun part- shopping!! I went on a 4 hour spree!! So thankful for the power chair!! Now, I can go anywhere I want!! That DH will take me, with the power chair loaded on his trailer! Spending $100 gave me such an endorphin rush!!

Before I went in rehab, I had already spent $200 on the girls! So, when I came down from my high, on Sat. I had to be realistic, and revaluate! I had bought them slime, then realized I had already bought them slime at a different store, over a month ago!! For 62 cents each!! The $5 Wal-Mart version is going bye bye!!

And got them each Barbie clothes . The only time they play with their Barbies is in the tub. Do I really want to spend $5 each for outfits they will never be put on the dolls??? Uh, no, I do not! $10 more dollars will be wafting its way back into my wallet!!

All they want to do is crafts, so more will be returned, I’m sure!

Update: all the small things I was gonna return, were requested by DD1. Saved her from having to try to shop herself! Worked itself out beautifully!!

Published by purpleslob

I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

10 thoughts on “She Shops

  1. I am happy to know that you are out of rehab and waltzing around in your new power chair, my dear purple person! Mobility is so important for peace of mind!
    Isn’t it great that the girls are into crafts, rather than dumb expensive electronic games!
    I hope they continue this way.
    Sending blessings your way,

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    1. Oh, it so much is! Well, CC is still totally all in with crafts. PP still likes crafts, but she has been ensnared by Minecraft. I hate it! I look at it, as she tries hopelessly to explain it, because I want her to know I’m interested in her, and her life. But I wish I could rewind her life till before she was introduced to it, and not let it happen!!

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