Nope! Nope!

Friday, 1/7/2022

Tired of waiting on the lady at the MHP. I turned in my app, with all documentation, and app fee, Wed. was a week ago, Dec 29th. On Thur, Jan 6, I called to check on the progress of my app. It was STILL sitting on her desk!! 8 days of NO activity!!


I need a place to live- not a place for my application to live!!

So, DH and I drove by 3 different apartments, by the same management company that handles DD1’s apartment.

The first 2 couldn’t be seen, until after 5 pm. The 3rd, was available to be seen at 3:30. Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!!

It’s a nice 1/1, brick duplex, with a large laundry room. Yay for in house laundry! God knows I’m bad enough at laundry anyways, without having to tote!!

The bathroom is rather small, but big enough! I really like the step in shower!!

So, Bob initialed the apps, handed them over, and away we went.

6 hours later, I have them almost all filled out. I have the money order for the $100 app fees. And a $400 money order, for part of the deposit. Only $800 money order to go. DH was so tired, after driving all over the huge county, that he couldn’t stop to let me use my card to get more m.o.

But trust, I will have ALL the funds, and ALL documentation ready to go, and we will be at the office by 7:59 am Monday morning! This firm wants their units rented, and they don’t play! And I am intent to make sure we don’t get the prize stolen from us!!

Oh, oh! Best part?? $75 cheaper per month, and bigger!! Woo hoo!! Having faith I’ll have the key by Tuesday!!

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I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

10 thoughts on “Nope! Nope!

      1. Yes, I am venturing out into the big, wide world of being a single, grown up again. DH and I are just separating- again!! Not divorcing. But, I can’t wait for the freedom!! And peace!!

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