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PP’s Protestation

PP has been repeatedly, and on the daily, declaring her intention to not leave this house. She is determined to live with us forever, despite her dad and the judge. Today, she said, “I don’t care if Daddy spanks me even, I’m not leaving.”

It breaks my heart!!

I just now saw the 2 faces in that shape. Do you see them??

But what can I do?? Legally, nothing.

I said, “Well, maybe I could make a doll of you, put a speaker in her, and you can talk thru your phone!” You should have seen the joy of hope that immediately shone out of her face! I instantly felt like a rat fink, for falsely raising her hopes like that. That was so wrong of me.

Shamefaced, I said, “Darlin, you know Omie couldn’t really make a doll like that, right?? I was just trying to help you think of something we could do. I’m so sorry. I wish a million times, that you could stay here too.

Her answer? “Try, Omie! Try!”

“Baby doll, I couldn’t make a doll that would fool your daddy for even 1 second. I don’t want to get you in trouble.” (I know him. He is very vindictive. But, since he won, DD1 and he did have an amicable conversation. So, maybe there is hope.)

I’ll just have to keep emphasizing that she’ll be back in 2 weeks, for a whole weekend. Every 2 weeks!! Also, we get half of school holidays!! And love her up, hug and kiss her as much as she craves, while she’s here. Both the girls, not just PP, but CC too. (Nothing at all like the pure torture of all last year. When he and his mother purposely kept the girls away from us, and would NOT let us take the girls off their property. That was just plain spitefulness, and to be hateful. DD1 is their mother!!)

And try to hold back my tears, till they drive away. I do not need to add the burden , and weight of my sorrow to hers.

Oh God!! Please let him get sick of playing daddy!! Let him willingly turn the girls back to our primary custody!! And/or go to jail!! Whichever would come first!!

Published by purpleslob

I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

6 thoughts on “PP’s Protestation

  1. Do the girls have call phones? Can you Zoom or video chat every night? I can’t imagine being in your position! You live with your daughter. Aren’t you both on Disability? It sounds like the girls are getting food, shelter and love with you. Can you get friends and relatives to write letters to the Judge on your behalf reversing the decision? If the girls really don’t want to go, especially the oldest; she should write one too. I am SO SORRY! Prayers for peace in your situation.

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    1. we can call them every night, yes. They are court ordered to let the girls talk to us! she is fighting to get hers. Thank you so much. TY they are!! I’m going to get ahold of guardian ad litem, and see if there is any appeal possible.


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