Contentious Custody

Yesterday, Wed. DD1 received the letter from the judge.

I almost ran into her room with it, after DH handed it to me.

She had to read down to the bottom of the 2nd page, till she got to the decision.

Y’all, I’m heartbroken. I ran to my room, and threw myself down on the bed, screaming, “NNOOOO!!!! Why God?? I don’t understand!! NNOOOOO!!” And cried until I was almost sick.


I do not understand!! How can a convicted SEX OFFENDER get custody?? How can a REPEAT FELON get custody??

The reasons given were: 1.She can’t take care of them herself, since she’s disabled. And #2, she has no income.

Just because she has limitations doesn’t mean she’s not a good mother!! Motherhood isn’t just cooking, and doing laundry!!

Of course
I said more to God, but don’t need to repeat it all here.

I went back to her room, and held onto her, as we cried together.

When the girls got home from school, it was so hard to look into their innocent faces. They saw the letter, knew it was from the judge somehow. Probably from y’alls long , tear stained faces.

They said, “Daddy and Angela get us?” Bless their hearts, they knew.

They cried, and said, “We don’t want to go! We want to stay here, Mommy!! We want to stay here with you, Omie!”

Of course, that’s the same exact thing we want. And it’s cruel that none of us get what we want.

Now they have to go thru more time away from us. But at least, he can’t keep them away from us!! From last June, 2020, until May 2021, we weren’t allowed to take them off their property, or have them overnight. It was astonishing to me. But, since they had physical custody, we didn’t want to cut off our noses to spite our faces, so we didn’t make a huge scene.

Thank God, they will be with us every other weekend, and half school vacations.

I really thought we’d get to keep them. I thought, Surely she won’t make them change schools. Well, I was wrong.

PP has already asked when she’d be old enough to say where she wants to live. “12 years old.” “Then, just as soon as I turn 12, I’m gonna tell the judge I want to live with you.” Please God grant that petition!! Only 4 more years.

I hope all of our hearts can take it that long.

He gets them this weekend, then they come home for 2 weeks. We have to surrender them up there Oct. 15. It feels more like we’re leading lambs to the slaughter. I pray to God that they can be able to adjust, and not grieve themselves sick. Us too.

Due to the depth of my grieving, I might not post, or read y’alls blogs for a while. I’ll be back when I can.

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I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

7 thoughts on “Contentious Custody

  1. I’m so, so, sorry for all of you. That seems so unfair! Is Angela a nice person anyway? Does she treat the girls okay? So, even though he will get physical custody, you will be able to visit with them. Cherish as much time as possible. Prayers for peace to your family.

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  2. Thank you. Well, no. She is the one who spanks PP with a spiked spoon. CC, who is called, “Angel Baby” gets the smooth side. So angry!! Also, she made PP scrub the floors FOUR times, because it wasn’t clean enough. Can you imagine making a 7 year old child DO that???
    Yes, thank GOD we will have them every other weekend, and half the school holidays.

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    1. Thanks, Barb. DD1 and I are making bets on how long he’ll want to play daddy, and/or stays out of jail~~PP hopes he doesn’t make it the whole 4 years, I’m sure! Not that we have talked about that with them!!

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