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We made tie dye T-shirts last week with a friend. The girls met her at Grandmama’s birthday bash. Here’s the dye, well, part of it… CC’s result: I guess I’ll upload PP’s, and my result later. PP’s. I know this will be a repeat craft later!! We all 3 enjoyed, plus my friend, and P.Continue reading “Tah-Tied!!”

Lumbar Lesions, Later

Ok, remember when I fell Sept. 24, and the CAT scan showed the lesions on my spine? Then, I went to do the MRI, and the insurance hadn’t approved the contrast? Well, I don’t remember if I told you the second part, but anyhoo. I finally got it done, the 8th. Okay, whew, got itContinue reading “Lumbar Lesions, Later”