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Clean Clothes

Last week DH promised he’d come help with putting away the girls’ clothes. So Thursday, was the day.

He handed me clothes, and I’d say which girl it belonged to. Except now it’s a lot harder, since they both wear the same size. 10/12. For the length of the dresses and shorts, I prefer PP to wear 14/16. She doesn’t like to wear loose things, so sometimes it’s hard to get her to wear that size. I have to take up the waist. She’d still wear 7/8 if I let her, because her waist hasn’t grown any, just her height. One day she came in a 7/8 dress that was so short, it was a top. So, it went into the donate bin, after washing.

CC wants to wear 7/8 because it’s old, and familiar to her. But her waist has grown, so 10/12 is necessary for her. And she doesn’t want to wear that size because of her age. She thinks 10/12 is too big for her because she’s only 6.

Anyway, we were busy for 2 hours, putting the clothes away, because of all that stuff. But now each girl has clothes! Even the shorts that need a stitching in the back. But my sewing machine broke a needle last time I stitched, and I haven’t gotten a new one yet. So, I got DH to buy a package of safety pins. That will have to do for now, until I can get DH to buy a new needle.

Anyway, now they have clothes, and the frantic search for shorts won’t happen every weekend. Yay! That seriously rankled my nerves!

Sweet Friend bought them each 3 dresses last weekend they were here. And I found 3 or 4, so now they have plenty of choices for church clothes.

I forgot to take before and after pix. But, I can take a pic later. It won’t show much, since all their clothes are in bins. And you can’t see all the hard work we put in. You’ll just have to settle for hearing me blab about it.


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I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

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