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Darling Decorations

Look out world! Mama’s graduating into a new decade!!

The Matriarch of the Chaney/Hawkins families will be 80 years old on June 5th!! Congrats, Mama!!

Now, on to planning the party!!

For years, nay decades even!! Mama has been in love with giraffes.

Yeah, jumped the gun, I see. Not quite done coloring.

Now, she’s added butterflies! What?? When’d that happen?? Apparently when Aunt Opal, her older sister died., around 2 years ago, now. Oh, ok.

So, when I told Sis we were now in planning mode, for Mama’s 80th party, well, that’s when I was informed we had to do both. Are ya kiddin?? Nope, no she wasn’t.

Ok, no matter that I already started purchasing these:

So cute, no?

I’ll just start ALL over again, no prob. (For her!!)

So, now we have these plates. I think they’re stunning!

But, since that is almost life size, WAAYY too little for food!! (Back to the store/scrolling online, for regular sized plates. ) My therapist helped me tie the antennas on abut 50. Then, CC helped me finish the rest when she arrived. 88 is a heckuva lot of antennas to tie~! Just saying!

Regular pink paper cups, napkins….

Giraffe tapestries that I already had… 5. FIVE???? Yup, 5. (Wonder what I’ll do with the 3 that didn’t fit in the fellowship hall at church?? And don’t fit on the walls in Mama’s apt??)

Yeah, they’re big!! 5 ” across!

Here’s the tissue paper carnations the girls made.

CC called this color “Puce”. It’s her favorite color word. I love words. Except puce!! It just makes me wince!

Yes, I changed flowers there in mid make, didn’t I?? Sorry!

I can’t show the finished flowers, cuz I didn’t take any pix, by themselves. I took pix of the girls holding them up.

Which I don’t regret at all!!

The party entrance!! Ta-Da!

C’mon in!!

Oh, yay!! Those are the flowers the girls made!

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I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

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