Here’s Hoping

So, okay, this week has been a corker too. You probably expected that.

We tried, unsuccessfully, to find a new place. The 2 cheaper ones we found, I wouldn’t make a ferret live there. And I heartily dispise ferrets!!

So, we had to come to the sad conclusion that we are forced to stay here. We are not well suited to living in the van and Kia!!

I’m writing this Thur. night.

Tuesday at noon, more knocking on the door- let’s play a guessing game- shall we?? #1.Their daddy, #2. Police, #3. DCF, or #4. All 3, or any combination.

If you said, #2- you won the prize this round!! Just a “well check.” Since we were abusing the kids, ya know. I explained to them what has been going on. And of course they already knew- our address triggered the notice of the other complaints. They suggested filing an injunction. Already done!! (And denied yesterday, by the way, due to “insufficient evidence.” I can not believe it. I think if the judge ever has a daughter go thru this, he would make a different decision next time. But I certainly don’t wish this misery on anyone!!)

The officer did say that they advised the “individual” not to call again, since its not their job to keep running over here, to check on the girls, for false reasons. Yeah, we’ll see how that goes.

The upshot was: we asked Not to basically live here, every night. Nothing ever happens when he’s here. Weird, almost like daddy is watching us. Which he is. He frequently comes down here for contracting work.

Well, it didn’t go at all. Wed. at 2 pm, as might be expected, another knock on the door. Who is it?? Their dad, gf, AND the police. Dad and gf wanted to see girls themselves. I guess the other “90”officers, and 2 DCF investigators were all just lying about the girls being okay?? PP was sitting at the table, right in view of door. But he couldn’t see her, due to DD1 body blocking the way. Of course, as soon as I heard the knocking, I came out of my room.

Softly, I said, “PP, go to Mommy’s room. Now!” She didn’t need telling twice! She scooted.

By this time, the girls are traumatized by any knock on the door, or even any noise from the cats knocking stuff over. They DO NOT want to go back to daddy, and gf. “They hurt us! And so mean! We want to stay here!”

I went to DD1’s room, and both girls said they wanted to go to my room. Sure! As soon as we were all 3 inside, the girls locked the door. “Daddy’s here to try to get us! He’s gonna hurt us again! Or gf!”

No babies, he is NOT gonna get you. Mommy, Omie, and Pop all love you, and we have promised to protect you, and never let them have you back. “Pinky promise??” Of course, babies. So, I pinky promised.

It’s SO heartwrenching to see these precious babies so terrified of their daddy, and being taken away by him. I’d kill him first. Even if I had to go to jail for life. At least he’d not be able to hurt them ever again. And gf would have no claim to them. (Reminds me of my dad. Even tho it was decades after my physical, and sexual abuse, I was so thrilled that he would never be able to hurt anyone else ever again.)

The police told him they would look at girls, to make sure they were okay. Which he “graciously” agreed to. Did he really have a choice??

Oh, I forgot! The Sunday they were supposed to go back, they had called at 8 pm, to say gn to girls. (Giving no clue about what would happen later.) Gf told CC, “Remember, you pinky promised Mama, you’d come back home.” What a sleezebag! Trying to mentally make CC feel like she betrayed gf!! And gf has only known them 6 months, why is she “Mama” in the first place?? The 2nd month they met, she told us the girls “spontaneously” began calling her Mama. Lying sack of dog faced pony soldier doo!!

We even considered a hotel, briefly. But, we’d just waste money, and it would start again as soon as we came back. It would just uproot the girls again.

So, here we stay, “Standing our ground.” So many, many prayers going up!! I know God hears, and answers. Just not always the way we want. But I can not believe He wants these girls to be sent back, to be hurt again.

The injunction hearing for the restraining order is June 28. And the divorce/custody hearing is Aug. 5. Please God grant full custody to DD1!! And terminate HIS parental rights!! And grant alimony, and child support!! Cuz then, when he refuses to pay, he gets ANOTHER state funded “vacation”, which he seems to be very fond of taking, as its a regular habit of his.

We try to keep their bodies, and minds busy. Splash park today! Woo hoo for them!! Misery for me. Oh well, I can sleep when I’m dead, right?? The 5 hour nap when I got home helped me rest up, just in time to eat, and write this. Then back in bed for me!! And grateful to be there, when I make it!!

Here’s hoping that Aug. 5 will be the end of this harrassment. Or that Aug. 6 will be the day he gets hauled off in handcuffs!! What a beautiful sight that would be!!

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I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

19 thoughts on “Here’s Hoping

    1. It is misery!! Thank God, we have Him to sustain us!! In court on Monday, the restraining order was denied again, for lack of evidence. WHAT??? We are praying for a low income apartment to open up in a different town ASAP. Cuz apparently he would have had to punch her in the face to get the order granted. 😦

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      1. Thank, Dolly! We would much rather stay, but… stupid lack of money!! When she is given 100% custody, then he will no longer have any reason to harrass us. And hopefully then we could put him away. Our fondest dream!!

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      2. He doesn’t get through to people who are swinging like a pendulum YES-NO, NO-YES. You have to calm down and open your mind to His message. Pray, and you’ll hear Him. I am sending you blessings for peace of mind, dear purple person.

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