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I dropped my phone. Again?? Again. Isn’t that about the 11teenth time?? Uh, maybe. I plead the 5th.

Usually when I fumble it, it only cracks a tiny bit. Not this time! Nope!! It shattered into a gazillion tiny bits of glass. I warned you about getting it covered, or cased! Yeah, lots of people did.


Maybe next time you’ll listen??? Here’s hoping.

This was last Thur night. And, of course I ran! to the computer and ordered a new one!! (Thanx DH, for the loan! Yeah, I transferred the money without asking, but it was an emergency!! And I told him the next morning. Thankfully he understood. He knows that phone is my prosthetic brain!!)

How about a case?? Yes, also a case, Nagatha. A real pretty one, with lavender roses on the back! I’d take a pic, and show ya, but…

The phone was supposed to come in 2 days. Sat. came and went. Sunday came and went. Monday came and went. Now I’m mad!! Tuesday came, and went!! Steam is pouring outta my ears!!

Today, Wed, the tracking number says it’s at CVS. WHAT??? I don’t live at CVS!!! UPS couldn’t find my house?? Oh, right, I should have dropped the invisibility shield, that we installed to hide from their idiot dad. My bad.

But the good news- this counts as 1 item decluttered, right??? Uh, well…. I guess technically… One more box colored in!! Yay!!

Just try to keep the new one alive for longer, alright?? Hmmm, no promises!! Hopefully the case works!!

Published by purpleslob

I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

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