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DD1’s Decluttering Data

Long time no report on decluttering progress! So before the year is half over, Too late!! I thought I’d update y’all.

455 total !
April, May’s totals= 40
June is a great month!! 2 things a day on average!! Woot!!

455 total so far this year is wonderful!! Considering everything that’s going on with her health, Now full time care of the girls; which we haven’t had in a year!! Then the stalking, harrassment situation– it’s a wonder we’ve been able to do anything decluttery!!

I’m so proud of the progress she’s made. And hoping she can make more, as we prepare to move– AGAIN!! This time moving is NOT our choice- it’s being forced on us. But we would move 50 times, if it meant safety and peace for our girls!! We will do ANYTHING for our babies, who aren’t babies anymore!

Next post will be my progress. Can you guess who did better???? Ooooh, cliff hanger!!

Who shot JR?? lol Who remembers that show?? Not every body is as old as you!!

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I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

10 thoughts on “DD1’s Decluttering Data

    1. She had 2 weeks in hospital in Dec from Covid. We just found out today, that the lingering effects are definitely POTS. She has to be in bed 85-90 % of the day. Thank God we finally have a diagnosis. Now we can move on to help!!

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      1. The specialist said if she makes all the dietary changes, and follows all the protocols, in 12 months, she can be back up to the level of sedentary life that she had before. Which is very discouraging to hear, since she was VERY sedentary before. But not bed bound, like now.

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