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Stability, & Stalking

Meanwhile, Rosemary is having trouble with a stalker! It’s a good friend of Dad’s. She went by his place, and left a note on his walker, which was in the lobby. She wanted to tell him of Dad’s death personally.

2 days later, he came by the house when she was alone, asking for the details of Dad’s death, and a ride to the funeral. Idiot! You don’t ask the widow for a ride to her husband’s funeral!! So, right then I knew he had mental problems. (One of my sister’s friends, also with mental, unmedicated, problems, asked her for a ride to her husband’s funeral!! Since I knew that guy, I let him know in no uncertain terms that was rude, and very inappropriate. Poor thing really had no idea. Now he knows!!) Rosemary gave him a ride home then, cuz she knew he’d have to ride the bus home, like he did to get there. Rosemary is a very compassionate woman.

While DD1, and the girls were in the shelter, THIS idiot, not their idiot, came back and left her a 10 page at least!! letter. Asking for a key so he could move in! Etc, etc!! We were ALL shocked! And glad she hadn’t been home! Another police report. They said they couldn’t do anything, until Rosemary told him in person to stay away. She asked Not to spend the night, which he gladly did. And for several night following. (This guy is really getting around! lol)

The next day, Not went to confront idiot, and warn him to stay away. Idiot wasn’t home, so Not spoke to his manager. Turns out, this is the 3rd woman idiot has stalked like this. So, she gave Not her card, and said let her know if she could help.

Then idiot came again, of course!! You knew he would, right? This time I was home with RM. When I heard her say his name, I quickly got to the door, and screamed after him “Never come back! I mean it!!” Just in case he didn’t believe RM really meant it. I think he was shocked that RM turned him away! Really?? I really do.

2nd police call for her. This time police said, “File an injunction, since you have told him to stay away. When he returns, we’ll arrest him.”

Not spent several more nights.

With all the furor of DD1’s travails, I haven’t filed RM’s injunction yet. But I need to hurry up!! I don’t think her idiot is done either, somehow.

I can’t be in 2 places at once, but I shore wish I could right now!!

Since I think DD1 and the girls are ok, for now, tomorrow, Monday, I’m going back over to Rosemary’s, to talk to her about the 2 situations. And apologize for not spending the night Fri, as had been planned. I had left her a note I’d be back Sat, but I was sick.

Lord only knows what will transpire this week!!

In other news, Pop Pop shocked us Sat by saying he was thinking of buying a place!! Of course, DD1’s mind immediately goes to a duplex, for him, and us too!! lol We shall see.

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9 thoughts on “Stability, & Stalking

      1. Thanks, sweetie feline friend. Somehow God will help us make it. We are going to looking this week for what other benefits our insurances off. Such as help with meals, and housework.

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