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Last, Lots

So, wow, okay, a LOT has gone on, as it always does! Since I wrote ya last.

The last day of our lease, very LAST DAY OF OUR LEASE, I say last!! Someone emailed DD1, that their friend’s landlord/lady had a place. Yay!! Still 2/2 Yay! Still $800!! More than yay!! A MIRACLE!! God is good!

We ran over here just as fast as legally allowed! Miss Geeta was sitting outside. DD1 got out, and talked to her. We all 3 filled out apps. No fee! Almost a miracle in itself!! (Remember, or did I tell ya we paid almost $500 in app fees, between the 3 of us, Dec. thru March??)

DD1 asked for a cold water, so DH and I ran to Wal-Mart. Well, he ran, I rode piggy back.

You so silly!!

I know I’m a goofball!!

We got 4 cold waters, and a $800 m.o. DH asked “Why, when we haven’t been accepted yet??” Cuz money talks my friend!

Money, money, money!! You know what I’m talkin’ ’bout!

We gave Miss Geeta, and DD1 their waters, then handed Miss Geeta the m.o. She said, “Here you go, Miss Melinda, you sign the lease.” SQUEEEE!! She knew who’s who! lol

Her main concern, after the money, OF course!, seemed to be quiet neighbors, who won’t bother others, and only have people live here who are actually supposed to be here. We can SO do that! Apparently the last guy was renting to 4 other guys in here???

Miss Geeta said her husband would be by next Tuesday, to change out the air unit, and would pick up the first & last, $1600 then. Can you imagine?? No one else in the tri-county area would do that! I love that Miss Geeta and her husband are old-fashioned, “your word, and your handshake are as good as a bond”, people!! That may or may not be an accurate quote of what I’m thinking about, but ya know what I mean! And yes, they picked up the money, but no, a/c didn’t get changed. Care we?? Not! This one is still working!

Yes, we started moving in 2 seconds later!! After our victory daancce!! And a grateful prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord God Almighty above!!

Oh, a bit of bad news, I almost forgot, O. ghosted DD1. Not gonna explain all, but I thought I had gotten to know her pretty well, and I couldn’t believe it. Neither could DD1. Remember, I said O. would have to go back to her Mom’s?

So, new place, no old memories!

Also, MY place! MY rules!! Last apt. was DD1’s, cuz I moved in with her. Miss Geeta recognized the matriarch, (And purse string holder)!! Probably because it takes one to know one! haha

Yours truly! Guess what room she’s in??

And that’s all the time I have for story time tonight kids. Awwww (The bad aww, not the good one.)

Pouty McPouterson

C’mon back tomorrow!

Same Slob Time! Same Slob Channel!

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I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

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