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Dear Declutterer

Today, my dear Sissy, Michelle, came over to help me declutter. She’s the best!! Since you know our lease is up on the 31st, and today is the 24th, I’ve been slightly stressing!!

If ya wanna call staying up half the night crying, and a lot of hand wringing, “Slightly Stressing”, sure!

Anyway, last night I had Sweet Friend take down all the boxes, from the huge stack in the living room, and spread them out, in a single layer. That way we could reach them!! Seeing as how neither one of us are weightlifters!

DD1 gave her the parameters of what could go, and what could stay.

Man, Sissy turned into Turbo Declutterer! By the time she left, she had 5 boxes of donates!! In only about 2 hours!! Her church is having a yard sale next month. So glad I could contribute to a good cause, instead of just throwing it all away.

And MOST of all, that it went OUT of the house today!!

Anybody else have that downfall, ya do all the hard work of deciding what to get rid of, but it doesn’t leave, so eventually, it gets reabsorbed into the regular stuff??? Oh, not me! Don’t lie!!! Yeah, that’s been DD1 and me. Since we can’t lift anything, it just sits, and sits.

Cuz our men in our lives, don’t wanna be bothered with actually having to donate the stuff. So… But today- haha!! WE out smarted them!! Good thing Sissy is a lot stronger than us!

So this is a thankful, love letter to Sissy. I’m SO grateful!!

And I LOVE you!!

Gonna stop now, ‘fore your head gets too big to fit thru the door!! lol

Published by purpleslob

I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

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