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More Mess

Alright, deep breath, April 4th, early morning, 1 am-ish

I went to DD1’s room, started rocking, squeezing my MamaMindaphant holding Baby CrystalMint, (DeSlob Student Crystal)

MamaMindaphant holding BabyCrystalMint

I told her she might as well call the police. Shocked, she said, “Why Mama??”

I’m gonna kill H with a butcher knife! (Good thing for him, and me,) he wasn’t even here!

“But why??”

I’m sick and tired of the mean way he treats me.

Reluctantly, when I kept repeating it, she called 911.

Man, those police men must have been 10 ft away, cuz they were here in a blink of an eye.

Only 1 came in the bedroom. He was very kind, calm, and soft spoken. “What’s going on, Mrs. Mitchell? How can I help you?”

I’m gonna stab H to death with the butcher knife.

“Now, Mrs. Mitchell, when you say stuff like that, that’s when I have to handcuff you, and put you in the back of the police car. However, I will handcuff you in the front, not the back.”

I started crying harder. Last time I was Baker Acted, I was put in the back of the police car, it took about 30 minutes to pry me out, cuz of my arthritis and fibromyalgia, my muscles froze. Also, cuz the seats are 3 inches off the floorboards. And now I’m 7 years older. I promise I won’t fight. I will not hurt anyone. The only one I want to hurt is my husband. Please, please would you call an ambulance for me??

Thankfully, he did. Turns out, he was a Christian. I asked him, as he was checking to see that I was properly strapped down. We high fived, and I said, See you in heaven! I hope I never see you again like this!

He said, “Me too, Mrs. Mitchell ! Take care of yourself.”

The ambulance asked which hospital I wanted to go to, closest? No, the one that has all my records.

Ambulances are the roughest ride in the world! That I have experienced! If there’s a rougher one, I sure don’t want to experience it! Every bump makes me scream, but I try to bite it back, cuz of my back.

I stayed in the ER 12 hours, because there were no female psych beds, apparently, in the Central Florida area.

I finally arrived at the chosen hospital, via ambulance, after a harrowing 90 minute ride, that I was sure was gonna kill me. No such luck.

Continued tomorrow…

4/28 Sorry I didn’t get back here till today!! Please forgive!

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I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

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