My Measurements

As promised, my next post would be my chart progress. And wa-la! Here it is!!

DD1’s Decluttering Data ended with a cliff hanger, besides who shot JR!! Wasn’t it the teenager Lucy, or whatever her name was?? The real question- Who did better? DD1 or me??

I’m very proud to announce- drum roll please- it was ME!! Yay us!!

April was fantastic!!
Woot! Woot!!

Total to present: 554!! Exactly 99 more than DD1. How did I do that?? Just good I guess!!


Alright, enough bragging I guess. We’ll see who’s up- or down!- the most Dec. 31. Here’s hoping it’s me!! lol

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I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

9 thoughts on “My Measurements

  1. Hooray! Doing great, my favorite purple person!
    P.S. You want to come to grab my laptop and do the same? Oh, don’t never mind, I have to get a new one anyway. This one is breathing his last. I am still using my son’s laptop for work.

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    1. Thx, Dolly!! Haha Hope you get the new one soon!! Tell your son to buy himself a new one, and let you keep this one!! He does love you, right?? Lol I hear Jewish mothers are great at guilt trips!! LOL

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      1. Oh, you are the cutest, my favorite purple person! Sadly I don’t have that skill of Jewish mothers. My mother had it in spades, but I was brought up by my grandmother who never used it.
        Anyways, I don’t want his machine, I want mine! New mine! He already offered to get it for me, but he just started a new job and is struggling financially, so he said I could use this one indefinitely, but I don’t want to do that. I am that kind of a Jewish mother – all for the kids and nothing from them.

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