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Litigation, and Legalese

We have had some exciting, frightening times lately!!

First, DD1 has been in divorce litigation FOUR years!! Since CC was 1. Their daddy just would NOT sign the papers. But now that GF wants her ring, suddenly it’s all fired important to get it done.

The second component, is the custody. They have not been abiding by the verbal custody agreement. So, when the girls came for only their 2nd weekend, IN A YEAR!! DD1 decided we would keep them for the summer. And she informed their daddy at 3:48 pm on the Sunday when we were supposed to take them home, some 2 1/2 hours away.

Plus, for the last 4 days, the girls had been telling us of the abuse they had been enduring, so DD1 determined, after asking me, to keep them forever. Of course I said yes!!

They argued some on text, but DD1 was firm. We were keeping them. We knew some kind of repurcussion would occur, just not what. We found out quickly.

11:30 pm, Sunday night, huge bamming on the door, which only got louder every second DD1 delayed opening the door. Of course, it was them, plus a police escort. The police said they were only there as observers, to prevent any disturbances . Well, they certainly didn’t do their job! Cuz this was a HUGE disturbance!

I went and stood behind DD1, touching her back, so she’d know I was there supporting her.

Screaming, cursing, name calling, short of hitting DD1, their father was doing his best to intimidate DD1 into giving back “his kids.”

DD1 stayed calm, I was proud of her!!

So, the upshot was, he finally left, after vowing to be back the next day, and get his kids.

We were left shaken, and very scared. But thankfully, both girls are great, heavy sleepers!

Monday morning, I tried talking DD1 into going to a DV shelter. She said no. But I packed the girls a suitcase anyway. I knew this was far from over.

Monday night, again at midnight, a loud bamming. DD1 came shaking into my room, crying. I asked if she was ready to go to a dv shelter now. She nodded.

Soon as whoever was at the door finally left, she called the police. They said it had been them, with DCF. Scary!! When they have DCF with them, they are not allowed to announce “Police.” Do NOT understand that one, but not mine to ask why?

Now, she was ready to go. So, we threw a few of her clothes, and her meds into the suitcase and headed out, after calling her dad to come help us load the sleeping girls into the van. We were both shaking, and crying, the whole time.

After we met the police at the gas station- well lit!! It took 3 hours to get them safely into the shelter. I followed, until they went in the gate.

In the morning, the DCF worker called, and said she had to see the girls within 24 hours. We already had them at the children’s museum. (Not and I.) Mary interviewed me, and the girls there. Then, she went to the apartment, to interview DD1. She had to physically see our apartment, to see whether the charges were true. 1.Cat poop everywhere, even on beds. 2. No food in the house. 3. DD1 was a druggie who was always high, and unable to function.

Of course it was all nonsense, and we passed with flying colors.

I was afraid to be alone, so I asked Not to stay with me that night.

Wed, DD1 woke me up at 3pm, when she arrived to get more clothes.

The doorknob was hanging half out of the door! Not and I had not heard one sound!

Another police report, more fear, and shaking. I told DD1 to leave, and not come back.

She left, and I went to stay with Rosemary. After a week and a half, none of the 3 of them could stand the shelter anymore. So, Not came to spend the night with us Fri. and Sat. night. The girls were in hog heaven, having all 3 of us together again!!

Since the rent is paid here thru the end of June, we’ve decided to stay here, until we find a place. The shelter said in 2 weeks, they’d have a person trained to help us find low income housing.

Since there was an injunction filed, we feel fairly safe. IF idiot shows up, he’ll go straight to jail. We’ll see if he uses the brains God gave a goose, or not. He’s not scared of jail, that’s for sure. It’s almost his second home.

But definitely we will move as soon as possible!! Our #1 goal is to keep these girls safe!!

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I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

6 thoughts on “Litigation, and Legalese

    1. Thx, Venus. She was just denied yesterday, due to “insufficient evidence.” I was truly shocked! She has been here 9 months, but didn’t have the girls till now. I just moved in, end of Feb.


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