Daily Do

Here it is 1:55 pm, Thursday, August 19, 2021. And the girls will be home in 1 hour, and 5 min. Unless DH takes them to the museum, like I asked. We shall see. And what have I done? Not much. Ate twice. We know you never miss a meal!! Shut up, skinny girl that I swallowed!! Started 1 load of laundry. Read FB. Not much, in other words.

I need to update y’all. I don’t think I’ve talked about the court hearing. Have I? Maybe you need to go check?? Ding it! I hate not having a search feature!! Then you need to learn how to add 1. I know it! Quit nagging me! BRB, going to check.

Nope, I haven’t. Okay, the first court hearing was August 5th, by zoom. And unbelievably, the judge ordered their i. dad to have alternating weekends, starting the next day!!

We were all 4 at the museum, when I found out. I was crying so hard, I nearly lost my breath. When I had to tell the girls, I thought I’d die from pain. Mine, and theirs on top. They did NOT want to go to him. They brought up the fact that we had promised them, they’d never have to go back.

DD1 and I talked to them when we got home. Sadly, we had to explain that Mommy had done ALL she could to keep them from going back to even visit. After their passionate exclaimations that they just wouldn’t go! We had to explain, Mommy would go to jail for contempt of court, if they didn’t. That hurt too, having to put adult stresses on them.

So, resignedly, with drooping heads, they went.

When we picked them up Sunday evening, PP’s face was burnt so badly, we had to take her to the Dr, for prescription cream. Well, we were gonna take them anyway, for school physicals.

Poor baby, was in a lot of pain. She couldn’t even wear her glasses for 8 days.

Now, here it is Thur, and they have to go again tomorrow.


PP asked her Mommy to let her talk to the judge, and explain they didn’t want to go back. Unhappily, she couldn’t. DD1 had already asked the judge, and they said 8 was too little to pick where she wanted to live. WHAT?? Meanwhile in other places 4 yo are allowed to pick their gender??? Crazy mixed up world, this is.

Final hearing is end of Sept. I’m praying to God the judge will make the right decision for the girls. A LOT less time with their dad!! At least since they’re now in school, I don’t think they would be ordered to move up there full time.

Oh, yes, almost forgot. He refused to give them their meds. He doesn’t “believe” in pyschiatry. And PP “isn’t” autistic. Poor babies! I really don’t see how they coped the whole last year. They are strong girls!!

The only good thing about them going up there is, I get to go to my new church for Sunday School, where my Sissy teaches. I always enjoy her lessons. Then we leave immediately after, to go get the girls.

Last time, I rented a car, since 2 of ours were in need of repair. And I certainly was NOT about to try to go up in the KIA!!

Ours is NOT 2020!

It was a 7 passenger Highlander. STILL not big enough! lol We need a tour bus, apparently! Built in beds, and potty. Fridge for our very important drinks, and snax!!

But now the van, and truck are both fixed . Woohoo! So, van it will be.

Yep, it’s a 1999, but it still runs!!

Cuz all 5 of us can’t fit in the truck either. Well, technically, I guess. But my butt dimensions do not allow for that!

See ya next week. Maybe I’ll do something besides laundry?? Time will tell…

Oh wait!! I did pray for people, and read 2 chapters in Psalms. That is a good day’s work for me.

(Also ordered flowers for my friend in the hospital, recovering from surgery.)

Ya did alright girl. You’ll do.

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I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

12 thoughts on “Daily Do

  1. I think you need to keep track of the girls not getting their meds and coming home burnt, etc after seeing their father plus keep reminding the Judge they don’t want to go!..Share all with the Judge before the final hearing!

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    1. We are keeping track, and documenting everything we can! But he lies like a rug, and so far, he seems to have fooled the judge. 😦
      The judge doesn’t to hear from the girls, “Because they are too young to know where they want to live.” Excuse me!! Any child that can talk, can say when they are being abused that they don’t want to be there!! Just so much more prayer needed!! Sept. 23 is the fateful day.

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  2. I am so glad you are making the best of a really crappy situation Mama Mindafant – I am so sorry for being such an absent friend this past year or 3! I’m getting out of my hole and crawling out finally, ouch – is that the sun? My eyes hurt from being in the dark for so long! Love you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Crystal Mint!! You’re not a bad friend! Stop that! I don’t allow anyone, even you, to talk about my friend like that!! ❤ We are both working on ourselves, and life! So much love!! ❤

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  3. My niece when through this with her daughter’s father and the judge here did the same thing – ordered visitation with a man who at best was terribly neglectful. She had pages and pages of documentation of the little one coming home dirty, unfed, and telling stories of being locked in her room while “daddy was gone” and sleeping in the same bed as her 14 year old male cousin. DCS got involved then closed their investigation without doing anything. I honestly think no one in the justice system has the child’s best interest at heart. Yes, sometimes mother and fathers are just being vindictive, but for the most part, the custodial parent knows better than anyone what the child needs. When is anyone going to listen??? I wish you so much luck in this situation! You’re doing the right thing by your girls.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanx Melody. It’s a struggle for so many. But we can’t give up!! The girls’ mental and emotional health depends on us. Even their physical! It’s so incredible to me that someone can be so vindictive against their ex, that they don’t actually care about their children, only a weapon. And cuz their “my kids”, as if they were a possession.

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