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Party People!!

Mama’s 80th Birthday party πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰ was a resounding success!!

Sis’ church is also Mama’s, so they graciously let us have it there. Thank you, Youman’s ! You’ve already seen the entrance, but to usher you back in…

Happy 80th Birthday Miss Mary June!
Cuz Kaleena

Cuz Karin wins for wearing giraffes!! Photobomber Nick

Mama, GreatGrand Noah, Grand Karen
Mama, her Sis in law Katie, her Niece Sylvia

I didn’t get the coral memo!!

Miss Carla was our Bible study table leader YEARS ago!! 10 maybe?? For Mama, Michelle, Aunt Pat, me; and she STILL prays for us, kids, grands; AND sends us Birthday cards!!! Miss Carla is AMAZING!! We all love her dearly

There’s my bestie, Dallas, beside me

We got a pic of Mama, and we 3 kids.

We 3 kids!!

We all are so profoundly glad to have Mama, still after80 wonderful years! And thankful for her continued good health. God is so good!!

We had 68 people there! And 60 were all related!!

Party people presented!!

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