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Storage Stashing

Well, probably should say un-stashing!

What a mess!! Need to get rid of my part!! Either trash it, donate it, or use it in my new/old- old is not strong enough- Ancient works better!! place.

If I can’t, or don’t want to use it now, then it’s got to go!! I’m 60, almost 61 now. If now ain’t the time, is there ever gonna be one??

Look at me go!!

115 items gone!! Poof!!

Still only about a million to go!!

Published by purpleslob

I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

2 thoughts on “Storage Stashing

    1. Oh heck no!! lol At least 1 more. I’m going to turn in an app. to the Senior HUD apartments where my Mama lives.
      The 3 steep stairs here are hard on me. But I stay in a lot!! Also, I need a ramp to get my scooter in here, no shed or porch. But, I can’t afford to pay for it, and they won’t. So, as soon as my walking gets terribly more painful , have again. But I had to get out of DD1’s, so this was my only choice at the moment.

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