Welcome Wagon

Welcome back to me! Just got house internet restored!! Today is Friday. Feb 11, at 2:37 am. After almost 2 months away! I’ve been craving it so bad!! I could do a few things on my phone, but couldn’t write!! I missed y’all!!

Last post was Jan. 9, so not really 2 months. Oh, alright!! It felt like it, anyways!

So yeah, 2 Wed. ago, DH called the FV mhp. Guess what, I didn’t get the little trailer. Shock-shock!! NOT!! The lady sounded surprised, “What? They haven’t contacted you yet? They sent a letter!” Nope!! Received it 2 days later, so that means, it wasn’t sent until I called.

So mad!!

And, the apartment ALSO turned me down! What?? Because I was a lease breaker. DD1 hadn’t put me on her lease.

So, after all that crushing disappointment, I went back to Craigslist. A tiny 200 sq. ft. studio?? Hmm, the toilet is exposed. Wow. But only $500 a month!! WOW!!

But of course, when I called, it was already gone.

But!! She said she had a 3/1 coming up in a few days. How much?? $700 a month!! What time does your office close?? 5?? I’ll be there!!

DH said, “But we’re 30 minutes away!! And it’s 4:30!! We won’t make it!!”

Just jump in, and DRIVE!!

We make it with 7 minutes to spare!!

We looked, looked good. Gave her grandson our paperwork, so she could start working on it, till we got back.

(I had made the mistake of thinking it wasn’t far. By the time we got half-way thru the field, I was gasping for breath. AND grasping for DH’s arm!!)

So, I collapsed on the stairs, while DH looked. Finally made it in, then’s when I gave Anthony the papers.

By the time, DH went and got the truck and brought us back, she was knee deep in our credit reports. We were shocked to hear we’d had an eviction in 2004!! Never remembered hearing about it. Huh. Nothing else bad. She let that one go since it was so long ago.


She said, it’s yours, if you want it. IF?? YES!! We whipped out those money orders so fast, the wind blew all our hair back!!

So, moved in Mon. only 5 days ago.

First 2 nights were freezing cold!! I had neglected to check if the A/C units had heat! My bad!

Thankfully, I had the old quilt I’d made for Capt. Kim, more than 10 years ago. It was an old comforter, inside flannel sheets. Without, I’d a died!!

me- if frozen!!

I complained loudly!! So, Sweet Friend, brought me a ceramic heater. I was terrified of space heaters! But after research, I found out ceramic heaters are safe, even in trailers.

So, warm again!!

Now that internet is restored, all happy again!! Almost. 1 more little trifle. More on that later, tho.

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I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

7 thoughts on “Welcome Wagon

    1. Thank you, dear Dolly!! Well, to be honest, I’m already anticipating my next move! I know, I know, you groaned just reading that!! But, I can’t use my scooter- no ramp. No porch… But, I am gonna try to stay here till I get approved for a senior HUD, that only charges 30% of income. We’ll see how that goes!! I did make it 1 year at DD1’s!! Yay me!!

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