Little Litany

Welcome to today’s menu of rants.

Would you like;

  1. Little one?

Large one?

Or super size it??

Today is chef’s choice. Little one it is. Since it’s about the littlest, CC.

How to show you her, without showing you her????

It’s a conundum alright!
Pretty close!! For a stock image.

Ok, now that we got that solved, onto the rant.

It’s about clothes; Uniform bottoms, in particular.

First: Background.

I learned from a Mommy blog 2 years ago, to bundle each day’s outfits. Works perfectly!! Quite a sanity saver!! With so much already missing, I have to do everything possible to preserve what’s left!!

So, that’s what I do, daily.

Last week, CC was given an uniform bundle, which contained a skort. No!! She rejected it loudly. “Skorts are stupid!! I’m never wearing them again!!”

So, I went into slight panic mode, scrambling to find a pair of shorts. Which were jean shorts. NO!! She had told me last week, THEY were stupid!! (Sometimes I only get 1 or 2 bundles together on Sunday nights. This oughta teach me!!)

Finally got ahold of some khaki shorts. Whew!! They were acceptable to the princess.

I made 3 bundles yesterday. All with khaki shorts.

They were unacceptable! “These shorts are stupid!! I’m never gonna wear them again!!”

WHAAAAA?? I’m done! Just can not handle it anymore!! Went back to bed. Pop finally found a skort, in the clean laundry hamper. So, the diva finished dressing, and went off to school.

After all, she had already told us: “I’m a fashion “stiva!” (Rymes with diva.)

sigh…. That leaves me in a difficult sitch. Do I make up 15 bundles each week, just for her??? 5- khaki shorts 5- jean shorts 5- skorts???

Do I just dress her in whatever, and carry her to school screaming like a bansheee???

Do I hypnotize her to accept whatever she’s dressed in, as whatever she wanted to wear that day??

Do I just stay in bed forever, and give up??


Published by purpleslob

I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

3 thoughts on “Little Litany

  1. As long as there is no dress code at school, …I am guessing she goes….Why don’t you let her pick her own clothes to wear. Don’t worry if they match or whatever; let her make her own styles and combinations.

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    1. Yeah, we do have a dress code. The school shirt, and khaki, or navy, or jean bottoms. I guess I just need to bundle the shirt, undies, and sox. That’s a good idea, to leave the bottom part for her to pick every day. Thanks, Venus!!

      Liked by 2 people

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