No Net

Last Fri, Aug 20th, after the girls left, DD1 and I were napping. BOOM!! We both probably jumped a foot off the bed!!

Accompanied by a huge flash of lightening! After yelling at each other, to make we were both alive!! Good news- we were! 😉 We just went back to sleep.

When we woke up- tragedy!! The internet was out!!

The light in the hall was blown, the bathroom light, and the GFI in the bathroom. Turns out, we had been directly hit with lightening!!

The maintenance guy came Mon, fixed the GFI, and light in bathroom. Then he had to come back the next day. That’s when we found out the GFI in the kitchen had blown too. Slight clue y’all don’t step foot in the kitchen!! True.

AND DD1’s Kuerig got it in the neck too!!

Aww, poor widdle coffe pot!

She said, “WWAAAHH!!” Big flood of tears!!

That same day, Mon., the internet guy brought a new modem, and router. So, DD1’s WIFI was restored. My computer, directly CAT 5’vd, couldn’t get on the web. WHAAAA??

My color!! SW bought this for me 4 years ago. Gonna keep it always!

It took until Sat. night, when PopPop, (Sweet Friend), came over, to get it fixed. The cable had conducted the lightening surge, traveled down the CAT 5 cable, and fried the little card, at that outlet. Of course, can’t remember what he said was the name of the card. But, I don’t care!! I have my beloved web access back!!

For 8 whole days, I’d been netless!! It was horrible!!

May you never experience the horror yourself!!

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I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

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