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Yay!! My test is negative! I knew it would be, just like my last 2. I’m so grateful!!

I’m writing this Thursday night. Yesterday was sooo stressful.

I turned off my alarm, and turned over to snooze.

When I left the house, it wasn’t morning anymore. Then, a quick trip to Walmart for more file folders. I’d already used up 23!! This time, no purple ones, sadly. 😦 Only the primary colors. Oh well, it’s not my file box! Technically, anyways.

Label, alphabetize, file. For all the Credit cards, I had to try to figure out the currect balance.

Back in Jan. I’d asked him to write down ALL his websites, user names, and PWs. He said he did. Uh well, he sure wrote a plenty! But none for his bank account, and none for his credit cards. Oh me! He sure made sure to have his FB, his emails, and his vitamin suppliers info, tho! Lol It’s kinda funny. LATER!! Not when I’m trying to figure stuff out!! All the statements she had, were from 2018. Seriously??

Thank God, we did find his Will, Living Will, and POA!! I don’t know what we would have done without finding those! She wants me to take my time doing stuff. But I feel kinda under the gun, since the POA becomes defunct upon his death. And no one except God knows when that will be. My goal is to have everything taken of, business wise, that I possibly can, before that happens.

I’m so grateful they both have burial plots. Just not together. And my sis, Michelle, bought him a prepaid funeral. I think I already said that. Sorry if I repeat. My brain kinda feels fried.

Anyway, I left their house around 3:30, and went to Mama’s. After visiting for an hour with Mama, and my 2 nieces, I told Mama I needed to lay down. My arms, legs, back and brain were all hurting so bad, I could barely stay on the couch. She thoughtfully rubbed my feet with lotion. And even that hurt. Then I went to her bed. She NEVER lets me lay on her bed, because I’m so big, I might break it. But I just had to.

That was about 5:30 pm. Next thing I knew, it was 10:30. Well, that meant I wasn’t going home for the night! And I missed my evening dose of meds.

Except for the usual potty breaks, I slept until 9:30 am!! And, there I’d missed my morning dose.

In the car, I ate 2 croissants that were left over from yesterday’s breakfast, and 1 tiny chocolate cake. Do you know the 50 cent cakes from Walmart?

Home about 11, cuz there were 50 11ty trains to try to manuever around. Soon as I got in the door, I took my meds, and hit the hay again.

Wakey, Wakey, eggs and bakey, around 5 pm, I think it was. DD1 ordered Chinese. And here I am on the computer. I still feel very tired, achey, and slightly foggy brained.

It didn’t even enter my mind, but DD1 just now asked if I was having a fibro flare. Of course! That’s what it is! Even my feet hurt! Did you mention your eyelashes??

Good thing I have a good brain still left! It’s hers, but at least I have access to it! 😉

I always forget how much physical energy it tooks to do mental work. And even a small amount of physical work wears me the heck out. Sitting and writing, then filing is a TINY bit of physical work!! And, add to that the emotional strain, of dealing with everything, and trying to uphold Rosemary… I am slap worn out. I hope 12 more hours of sleep will do it.

And oh yeah, I’m almost out of pain meds. I only have 1 more dose left. I just couldn’t go get it this morning. If it had been a drive thru pick up, I could have. But not a park, walk, stand, sign, walk again pick up. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

If not, I’ll only stay a few hours with Rosemary, and come home. I’ve already decided I can’t go over there on the weekends. Monday she told me how lonely Sat. and Sun. were. I just can’t do everything.

I’m just very grateful I’m as able as I am. And I have such an excellent support system. Thank you, DD1!! And Mama!! And sis, Michelle!! And sis Shirley!! And Bubba!! And all my bloggy friends!! And all my FB friends!! And Not to be mentioned, and Sweet Friend, and all my family. I feel the prayers surrounding me.

I really could not handle this huge job, without God upholding me!!

Published by purpleslob

I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

3 thoughts on “Misc.

  1. I’ve been through this too, and my stepmother had dementia so I had to search high and low for every scrap of document, so consider yourself lucky.
    I wish you strength; you’ll need it, dear purple person!
    Praying for you…


  2. I am so glad you found those important papers. We never found a will for my mom and now have to navigate lawyers, court, and probate to sell a house we might see a few thousand out of after paying off the credit card debt. It is so emotionally draining!


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