Spotty Spit

What in the world are you talking about?? Well, just cool your jets a minute, and I’ll tell ya~

As you know, my Dad’s in the hospital, with Covid. So, of course, Rosemary had to be tested too. Thank GOD!! Her test was negative.

It just so happens, that our insurance man was needing to do 50 Covid tests, to get certified. So, Not to be named, and I were happy to oblige. Especially since I HAD to be tested anyway! It worked out nicely.

But, this one was weird!! Not a nose swab- and no! not the other end swab either!!

A spit test. Never heard of that before! I must confess, at first I thought maybe he was pranking us! But, he’s serious about his job, so nope.

He handed us each a tube, and said it had to be half full. But bubbles don’t count.

It took me 39 min. and 53 seconds to finish!

It took me sooooo long!! The worst thing was, I was so dry mouthed! We had to not eat or drink, 30 minutes prior. And there sat my drink, just a few inches away. Taunting me!!

When I finished, you can imagine how fast I got that straw between my lips! đŸ˜‰

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I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

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