Permanent Pain

Oh, the hugs and kisses of my babies when I see them!! Which I will tomorrow!! YAY!! ( the 27th.)

When we saw them, it was heavenly! Mama got to go with DD1 and I. The girls were so thrilled to see her! It had been since June 14th. Then of course they asked about Pop. It was SO HARD to tell them he lied about an important adult thing, and I couldn’t live with him anymore. I thought it’d be the baby who would be more upset. She just got mad at him. PP was devasted. I held her on my lap, and hugged her tight, while she just bawled, and bawled. I hate him for doing that to those precious babies!!

In my goodbye letter to him, I told him the pain would start later.

Last night he asked about our trip. He said, “I know you went to see the babies, since you asked to borrow the cooler. When can I see them?” Never. More (expected) screaming. I told you the pain would begin later. You made your choice when you choose those women over me, so that means you have no right to see them anymore. More screaming. Again, I stayed calm. You made your bed, I hope you enjoy laying in it. More screaming about us 3 being the treasures of his life, blah, blah, blah. HA!! Again, I don’t believe you.

“You have no right to deprive me of seeing those babies! I love them!” Well, it seems you love everybody these days. Since you made such wrong choices, you can not see them anymore. I’ve already told them that. I did not deprive you, you chose that when you cheated on me. I guess you didn’t think thru your actions, and the consequences, huh? You did this to yourself. You have no right to blame me for your behavior, or the consequences of it.

Yeah, he is feeling the pain. And not enjoying it at all. Hopefully he won’t ever do this again, if he remarries.

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I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

8 thoughts on “Permanent Pain

      1. His next potential wife is also none of your concern at the moment because thinking in this direction brings him and the pain he had inflicted upon you to your mind and prevents you from healing. All you can do is pray thaty nobody – in general! – suggers this kind of pain.
        Much love,


    1. Correct, he’s only their step-grandfather. Oh no, he would have no grounds. But PP asked her Mommy if she could look him up, when she turns 18. DD1 said, yes, she’d even help her find him.

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