Christmas Crisis

Venus, from CatsandCoffee, asked me to do a follow up from Christmas Chorus. I had forgotten to do that, sorry.

Weel, since I had been exposed to DD1’s Covid, we had a very lonely Christmas.

Sis and son, Nick, did drop by all masked up, to drop off our presents. Thank you Sis!!

She’s so good, finding my middle name like that!! Joy, silly! Not comfort.

Here’s what was inside;

Smells so yummy!!

This looks so yummy!! And I’m sure it would taste fantastic! I’m just reluctant to make it, cuz then I’d eat it. And it’d be all gone!! Then I’d cry again! lol

Oh yeah, she picked up the family’s presnents too. Nope, didn’t spell it wrong. One of my first batch of girls, daughters! lol, used to say that. Can’t remember exactly which one. Just pick one! You have 50% chance of being right! Yeah, but that leaves 50% of being wrong, too!

My negative test results came after, so I was excited about going to Sis’ NYE party!

Then, DH’s test results were positive. I cried! I despaired!

So, NYE was lonely too.

So, here it is Jan. 21, and now that he tested negative, I’m waiting for my second results. Once I have that in hand, THEN we can finally go see girls again!! It’s only been since Dec. 6, but it feels like for-ever!! Negative!! 1/22/2021 Thank you God!!

DD1 ended up going back to hospital a week after she got out. This time her pulse was racing, and she still had trouble breathing. She only stayed 4 days. No official diagnosis, but she may have POTS. So, waiting for an appointment at a heart specialist. Remind me to let you know, after May what happens.

Long story short, we made it thru the holidays, but I slept almost all the way thru… Feeling less depressed now, tho. Thank God!

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I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

6 thoughts on “Christmas Crisis

  1. I feel you! Not seeing the babies was a prospect I couldn’t live with. The family humored me and made it happen on Jan. 1.

    We all tested negative and we did a LONG drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco to spend a few chilly hours outside and masked with them. Even the 2 year old wore her mask the entire time!
    So proud of her compliance! Even new baby was bundled up while awake to be outside for visiting. After the few hours, we got back in the car and made the trek home.

    5 am to 12 am day but worth every minute of the drive!! And driving the Prius meant one stop for gas which minimized our exposure along the way home.

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