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Dratted Drain

I was just sitting there, tending to my business. Idly I looked over at the tub. I noticed there was a big, black ring around the drain ring.

So, I got a baby wipee, and got busy scrubbing. And of course, I forgot to photograph the beginning. eye roll

I got most of the black nasty off. Then I stuck the wipee down the hole, to clean that out. Bringing it up, there was an extra hanger on.


Another round, more yuck!

Here is the final result:

Now, I know that is more than just the result of DD1, and 2 little girls, with long hair. (At least, I think I know.)

  1. DD1 75% of the time, had a mohawk down the center, with completely bald sides.
  2. She didn’t lose clumps of hair on the daily.
  3. Even though the girls both have long hair; 75% of the time, they bathed in my bathroom, not this hall one.

So, how many people’s hair is it?? How long has it been there?? shudder

So, so very grateful I had used a wipee, not my bare hand!!

Patting myself on the back, tho, for remembering to document the crud!!

Now I gotta go take pic of tub, minus the mess.

(Also, I’ve lost the button to change the text color. frustrated breath) Yay!! I found it!! Great job, Purple! Why, thanks, Slob.

Looks so much better!!

See ya next week.

Published by purpleslob

I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

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