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Well, here it is March 11, and guess what?? I’m already back at DD1’s place.

Say it ain’t so!! You know it is!!

The week after I moved into my new place, my Counselor/ social worker told me I ABSOLUTELY could NOT live there!! I was upset, but truth be told, I knew it already. I knew as soon as I handed over the money, and signed the lease that it was a mistake.

The 3 steep stairs made it very hard to enter, or exit.

Wooden, like mine, 1 railing like mine.

I couldn’t even leave, unless I had DH to hold onto. The very next day, after she told me to move out, I tripped, and almost fell down the stairs. Ya know that stumble, run/walk ya do, when you’re trying to stay upright??

Yeah… So I told Miss Evie I had to move out. She was very surprised! But understood.

I was all out by Sunday night, Feb. 27. The new renter moved in the very next day.

So, here I am again, in the living room. But very grateful to have a warm, dry , most of all, SAFE place to live!!

And I do enjoy the great convos with DD!, and her partner, O. Bonus: O. cooks!! And cleans!! I think I’ve died and gone to heaven!

Of course, the DARK ONE, all black cat, had to jump on me twice last night. ARGH!!! I HATE you!!! And of course, my blood curdling screams wake up DD1!! I just hope Satan’s Spawn, um I mean, the DARK ONE, doesn’t jump on me while my babies are here!!

Ariel’s twin. Satan’s Spawn AKA The DARK ONE

I think she’s plotting my death!! If her sharp claws don’t get me, her sneak attacks, in my sleep, might give me “The big one, Elizabeth.” Anybody recognize the Sanford and Son reference?? Maybe there’s somebody your age that reads this!

Published by purpleslob

I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

19 thoughts on “NOOOOO!!

    1. Venus, we found a gorgeous duplex last Thur. for $995. As of 4:43 pm Monday afternoon, still waiting for a call back about whether we got it or not!! I HATE waiting!! It will be a real home. I can see us staying there for ever. IF they ever call us!!

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  1. Oh no! That’s no good! I completely understand the stairs though. Last thing you want is to be stuck in your own home, or fall trying to go somewhere. Maybe something better will come along soon. In the meantime, watch out for the killer kitty 😺😦

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      1. I’ve been babysitting my friend Sandy’s cats this weekend and I thought about you. She has one that I now call “The Mean One”. He gave me the most vile look you’ve ever seen today and I just knew he was thinking of all the ways he could get rid of me.

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