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Definite Diagnosis.

DD1 had an appointment with a specialist POTS Dr. today. She definitely has it. Not happy that she does, just so relieved that she finally has a definite diagnosis.

And, a lot of my symptoms lately, dizziness, etc, plus my usual list, could be POTS as well. WHAT?? I didn’t have Covid! But POTS is genetic, and I have some of the markers. I will have to investigate more. Just what I needed! Another disease! But at least I’d have a real reason for my inability to do stuff too. So, we shall see.

But both of us can’t be in bed all the time! She has been feeling so discouraged, and ignored so long… Their idiot dad was telling the girls that she was just fat, and lazy. We both told them she had a medical problem, but… It didn’t sink in very well, it seems. He just refuses to believe it. Now she will have official paperwork to prove the truth of what WE told the girls. He lied AGAIN!! Nearly everything he and gf told them was a lie! It burns me up that they are so mean, and spiteful.

So, besides many meds, one of the lifestyle changes we have to make is: GF, and Diary free. NO!!!!!! Well, we both knew our eating habits are horrible. And we need to make sure the girls eat healthily, so… It has to be. When I thought I was dying of kidney disease, 7ish years ago, I sure went GF!! Cuz I thought I was literally dying. This weekend I found SF’s GF Wheat Belly book, and was planning to give it back to him. Does God have a sense of humor, or what??

Right now, DH has 2 sweet potatoes baking in the oven. We don’t have any brown sugar, so it will be white. Can’t do everything over night!!

He’s also cutting up a cauliflower, to eat with ranch dressing. Not sure what else we’ll eat. These veggies were given to us, by the summer school lunches program. You know we surely didn’t buy them!! But we will, unwillingly as it may be. It doesn’t matter if we like it, or not. Just that we do it!!

But, now we will be eating tons more veg, and we’ll like ’em!! The POTS Dr. also recommended organic. We need to brace ourself for $5 a piece apples!! (I sure hope that’s a joke!! Publix has organic stuff, so we’ll be all good. I love shopping there!! It definitely is a pleasure!! If you don’t have one, I’m so sorry for you!!)

Every since the girls have been home, we have been buying lots of fruit. They love it!! Yay!! Now DD1 and I just have to get on board!! We’re gonna be crying our eyes out, when there’s no more Cokes! Or brownies!! OR ice cream!! Now I’m crying already!!

Waah!! Waah!!

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I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

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