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File Folders

Yesterday, Rosemary went to the bank, before I arrived, and withdrew the money for May’s lot rent. Then she wanted to talk, when she got home.

We couldn’t go to any banks, to add her to the accounts, since she had not found his POA yet. Uh oh!! Maybe tomorrow!!

We did go to Wal-mart, to buy a money order, for the rent. And a plastic file box, since they didn’t have a filing cabinet. No wonder she’s having a hard time finding all the necessary papers! Yeah, no kidding! Also, we got 25 hanging file folders. Some were purple, and some lavender!! Hurray!

When we got back to the house, she made us micro meals, while I was writing out the tabs. After eating the yummy Swedish meatballs, I filed everything she has found so far.

So, we have both wills, and living wills, his burial plot certificate, her POA, the lot rental papers, the car’s recent oil change, and the description of one of his scooters.

We now have till the end of May, for sure, to get the house cleared out totally. Whew! That alleviates the need for rushing!! Also, we have to fill out the application for low income, senior housing. And pray for a miracle of an immediate opening! Usually the waiting lists are YEARS!! When Mama applied, they told her 2 years waiting, but she said, “NOPE!! I’ll have my key in 3 weeks!” And do ya know, God performed that miracle! She had her key in her hand, the very day she had declared she would!

So, I’m believing for a similar miracle for Rosemary! She is a godly woman, so I know He is taking care of her. And everyone is praying for her.

First thing in the morning, I have to notarize a paper, with DD1. Then back to my new full time job. I’m working for love, not money!!

Dad didn’t get transferred yesterday, because they were looking for an open Covid bed. So, maybe today will be the day.

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I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

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