Chiding Chart

I haven’t done much for the last 2 weeks. Well, decluttering that is. I’ve done lots of things, actually!! Countless naps, avoiding the cats millions of time… I put away the dishes today, that I washed 3 weeks ago!! I’ve taken a zillion pix, visited Mama, and gone to 2 Drs. So don’t you dare say you’ve done nothing!! Yes ma’am!!

This is how my chart stand now.

April’s cupboard is bare.

I’m at 451!! Woop woop! I’m only 1,570 items away from 2021!! And it’s only April!! I can do this!! Right, guys?? Please tell me I can do this!! Only if you manage to get all your items from storage fairly soon! Then yes, you definitely can!!

You can see that Es are emails, but you can’t see what the Ds are. They’re document files. Man, I’ve made LOTS of space available!! And not just to junk it up again, either!! I’m sure Dell appreciates the lightened load. I sure hope so! I did it for her sake! You sure it wasn’t just to mark off some more squares on your chart?? Well, that too.

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I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

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