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Dratted Drinks

If you’ve known me a while, you know I’m an avid peach Fanta, and Classic Coke addict. Don’t forget the brownies!! Of course, but they ain’t drinks! Oh, true.

But now with the “Be less white” training by Coke, I just can not buy it anymore. I think this whole racist agenda, that everything is racist now, is not only insane, but Anti-God. As is so much going on today!

Of course, there’s always this mess;

But, I can only drink so much water, before I feel like I’m floating! Weird! That never happens with cola!

So, I’ve tried lemonade.

Eh. Ok, but not the same!! I need the caffeine!! I need that shot of pure sweetness, no tart!!, in every sip, SIP?? Ok, every gulp.

My cousin Sylvia recommended RC, which she went to for the same reason. But, it only came in 2 liters, at Walmart. And they go flat too quick!

Then DD1 got some peach juice, and ginger ale. YUM-hum! But, for a lazy bones like me, no good for the long term. Why, if you like it? It’s a 2-step process! Takes too long!

Really good, tho!!

So, I went with Sam’s cola, in cans. Pretty good.

Finally, I did try the RC, again. It’s been about 50 years, since I had it last time! But, no peanuts this time! 😉 Since DD1 is deathly allergic. None in this house!

Such a nostalgic flavor!

But the cans win! Cold and crisp every time!! (And cheap!! If ya buy them in the 24 pack!)

Published by purpleslob

I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

8 thoughts on “Dratted Drinks

      1. P.S. On second thought, I cannot be “less white” because I am green. They call it “olive complexion,” to be nice, but olive is a shade of green, right? And you are purple, so between the two of us, let’s ignore this dangerous stupidity.

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