Various Valentine’s

I bought tons of litte Valentine’s things. (I’m sure most of them were from China, I backslid from my vow to stop buying Chinese. sigh I disappointed myself. But holidays are my kyptonite!! I did stop hubby from buying socks! I insisted he go to Dollar General, and they were American!! Score!!)

Anyway, I divvied them up to all the family, and some of my friends.

The Scooby snacks are for Bubba, and haven’t gotten enveloped yet. SShhh! “Shirley, don’t tell!!”

DH took them to mail. He was shocked by the price! So was I! But at least it was my money not his! If it was his money, they never would have gotten mailed!


That did include a book of stamps, thankfully!

In other Valentine’s news, I gave Mama these;

Conincidentally, when I gave them to her Friday, she was wearing an animal print outfit!! SCORE!!

And the earrings for myself, and Sis.

Sadly when I tried to put mine on, my ears were already closed up. Now that left one hurts, cuz of the thorough jabbing I gave it!

Oops, I found another bag of Valentine mail to go! I better sneak those off to the PO myself!!

Only 6 more!

And my Sis-in-love’s Shirley’s, who I haven’t found out in the mess of the living room… I promise you’ll get it before your bd Shirley!

“Small comfort,” she says, “Since my bd is in June.” She has a dry humor like that.

Also, when Bubba got his, Sis Shirley let me know why the postage was so outrageous- DH had paid for tracking!! Oy vey!!

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I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

18 thoughts on “Various Valentine’s

    1. Yeah, if we don’t support our own companies, who will?? I don’t do it as romantic really, just for all the people I love!! This is the first year I’ce done a mass mailing like that! Pink’s okay…..DH and I won’t even exchange cards, probably! I do hope we go out to dinner for our Anniversary- on the 16th!!


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