Dad’s Deals or Duds

My Dad turned 80 in Feb. He was a teenage Dad for 1 day! I was born the day before he turned 20. It sure is easy to keep with with his age!! (And his dad, my Grandpa Hawkins, was 20 years older than him!)

He has decided to start going thru stuff, and trying to make as much money as he can, before he dies. Which might not be for a loooong time! Grandpa lived till 82, but Grandma lived to be 92!

I picked some things from inside the house, that maybe I could sell, for a decent price. He who shall not be named, hauled away full boxes from the crammed full FL room. Says he will go to the flea market. Who cares!

Here is the first thing I disposed of:

Big bad gun!! Almost life size!

This would have been only $5 on ebay, because it was missing the keychain part, on the bottom of the grip. Was I about to post it, after taking pix, wait for bids, then mail it? AND pay the fees from ebay?? NO! I was not. So, I just wrote down Dad’s half, and went on.

So pretty! Avon lady- Mrs. Albee

I thought the Avon collectible would surely be worth some money. Oh yes!! $19.99-20.00! That’s 4x what the gun was worth!! It was way too common, tons of them listed, so practically worthless for all the time and trouble it would take. Now, if it had had “Groebels’s” written on the bottom- jackpot!! $75!! $10 written down on Dad’s side of the ledger.

And the sugar bowl- Nippon on the bottom! I know that’s rare! Before Japan was named that, it was Nippon. It’s gotta be a money maker! Hope springs eternal, but this bowl sprang a leak. 😦 If it was the whole set, with creamer, it would be $25!! Most expensive thing yet! We’re on our way up! Without, tho, only $10.

Then a small round Pyrex bowl, with brown flowers on it, $6 for Dad. (Forgot to take pic, before I gave it away.)

Just donating it all, and paying Dad his imaginary half, saves me so much time, and effort, it’s worth it to me, to just give him some money.

I sure hope some of the other Pyrex I have turns out better than that!

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I'm a Jesus lover, who loves my 2 grandbabies, and purple!

13 thoughts on “Dad’s Deals or Duds

  1. Yep, I really am. I didn’t say I sold them. I just listed the price by the item, and said, “Here ya go, Dad, your half.” He really thinks ALL his items are so valuable, but sadly, they’re not. But, I’m glad to do this for him. They need money to fix their roof, so I’m helping in a way that’s not really charity, since we exchanged items for money. 🙂


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